Martial Arts Instructor Qualifications

It's essential for martial arts instructors to obtain the most comprehensive business / coaching qualifications so equipped to teach in a safe and professional environment. With the ever changing workplace safety rules and insurance requirements instructors should also be looking at coaching courses that tick all the boxes.


The martial arts industry, the government and our society are not only asking for appropriate qualifications to teach martial arts they are also asking for Police checks, Working with Children checks, Weapons licences, Insurance and policies / procedures that protect all parties to meet new OH&S laws.

It has long been stated that the martial arts industry standard for teachers to operate autonomously is to have a minimum of five years of martial arts training (black belt) and some form of recognised coaching certificate / qualification. National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) started off over ten years ago as being a good bare minimum for part-time/volunteer instructors and now many school owners feel it is out dated and no longer suits their needs. Over the past six years there has been a strong push to suggest instructors take on higher sporting qualifications such as Cert II, III, IV, Diploma or a Degree in Coaching/Fitness and recently released the Australia Martial Arts Coaching Scheme (AMACS). These courses include essential operational skills including Senior First Aid, Risk Management, OH&S, Anatomy/Physiology, Business, Coaching and the appropriate polices / procedures (blood spillage, harassment, pregnancy, accident register, safety equipment etc). These skills should be a prerequisite before opening a school but are some instructors operating that do not meet the industry’s standards. Fortunately more instructors have well over the requirements setting new bench marks. Where do you sit?

There are conflicting stories about what courses are the best but let me tell you the facts. There are a few things you need to know and skills you need to have before you rush out and open a martial arts school. There is so much disparity between martial arts grades / requirements to teach that for our industry to grow (gain more acceptance from the public, government, corporations, insurance companies) there needs to be a method to measure an instructor’s competence across the board just like all other sports and the fitness industry. Fortunately there are a number of ways instructors can do this that’s why for some school owners it can be confusing as each provider is stating their method is the best and really that’s for you to decide.

There are numerous Registered Training Orginisations (RTOs) that can provide the courses / qualifications mentioned above with some having government funding. It is a matter of selecting one you feel has the right resource material/units, delivery method and the price that suits you. There is only one RTO that can provide the new industry benchmark AMACS courses and fortunately they are available in all states catering to all instructor levels. We have been involved in their development and like them so much we decided to subsidise them so now everyone can afford them because they are the cheapest in Australia. More info on AMACS – Business Mentors

Many instructors we have spoken to have stated that the National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS) is out dated and no longer suits their needs. In some cases they feel it is irrelevant when instructors have far higher qualifications such as Cert IVs or Diplomas or Degrees in Sports Coaching, Fitness and Trainer & Assessor.

Some associations put pressure on these instructors and deem them not qualified or accredited to teach unless they keep redoing the same old courses every couple of years. An instructor doesn’t just lose all their experiences and knowledge to become unqualified if they don’t do a course, especially one they have already done before. We know instructors are very busy teaching and to sit the same old course is just a waste of their time and an insult to their intellect, especially when they often have more knowledge and qualifications than the course trainers. We also know that instructors are willing to expand their knowledge if a course is current and returns some real benefits. This is why we are right behind the new Australian Martial Arts Coaching Scheme –AMACS they help everyone from the junior instructor to the old master.

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