In English the words "Kung Fu" are used to describe hundreds of Chinese Martial Arts.  In Chinese, Kung fu refers to ANY skill aquired through learning or practice.  Still the words "Kung Fu" conjure up images of an ancient foot and hand fighting technique.  Warriors who studied the natural world to invent monkey, tiger and praying mantis styles.  Weapons masters for whom the sword, staff and nunchuck were not merely weapons but an extentsion of their body while Qi extended their soul.  There is too much history to be able to sum up what "Kung Fu" is but there is no doubt that to master these martial arts requires much Kung Fu.  

Country of origin: China 

You will find a number of Kung Fu schools near Carey Gully. Martial Arts Australia has created a national directory of professional instructors in Kung Fu in your Carey Gully location. You can learn the ancient art of Kung Fu with qualified instructors who are registered with the peak industry body. Please review each school on our database which will also give you a free class pass or you can view their special offers. Each school is independent and special offers will vary from school to school.




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