SMS Broadcasting in Bulk

There are many ways to communicate with your students / members and SMS is one of those powerful tools. If you need to send bulk SMS in a managed format from your PC we can give you the right gateway and platform.

Martial Arts Australia Members can try out this unique platform right now – Redeem your 100 SMS credits instantly by setting up your account right now, follow the link: Click Here

SMS Broadcasting / Mobile Landing Pages / Sites – Walk you through it!
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Start Messaging your students now and retain more members and increase your class attendance with timely SMS reminders. This is only the start of how you can use your new marketing tool, read on.

Martial Arts IT now has a mobile communication tool kit that will revolutionize how your club interacts with its students relating to operations or marketing and all in a very personal way. With 93% of all SMS being read in the first 15 minutes of being sent your message is in the palm of your client’s hand. There are hundreds of reasons for instructors to communicate on this level to their students and down below are a few of them.

  • Informing students of club information like social events, tournaments or courses.
  • Automated reminders for fees payable, dates for gradings or contract renewals.
  • Personalised video messages to students not training encouraging them to return.
  • Have students subscribe to weekly training tip videos.
  • Remind parents of upcoming important club events.

These are but a few ways to utilize the latest technology in mobile communication with the list only limited by your imagination. If you have been sending SMS messages to your students via your own mobile phone because they are free on your plan, think about how hard and time consuming that is to communicate with your whole database. Using our SMS gateway allows you to communicate with hundreds or thousands of clients at random or scheduled times at a nominal fee per SMS. Broadcast Bulk Messages to your clients on a regular basis keeping them informed and motivated making improving your bottom line.

Communicate directly and personally with your members generating student engagement or even revenue, do it one at a time or a hundred at a time and all in a matter of minutes. Take advantage of the Martial Arts Australia member deal and redeem your 100 SMS credits and One Month FREE mobile Site Software that seamlessly blends with your SMS marketing broadcasts.

  • Smartphone ownership up to 76% (up from 67% last year)
  • 77% of respondents access websites on their mobile phones
  • 16% of users say they use their smartphone to purchase things online
  • People who opted in to receive SMS / MMS from businesses rose from 47% to 57 % in the last year
  • 48% of respondents clicked on a link in an SMS to access a mobile website / Landing Page

Martial Arts IT simplifies mobile communication methods so you can cost effectively build mobile communication into your business processes; Marketing or Operations. Whether you are an Association, a large fulltime club or a part time club with small numbers we have the service and application offerings to support your needs.

Our services range from, SMS API gateway services with full customer account management to re-brandable End User SMS messaging applications to Mobile Web CMS systems. So whether you or your clubs wishes to communicate simple or complex messages we have the technology you need to simply and reliably deliver them.

Automate Your Reminders

Martial Arts IT Web Appointment application lets you manage appointments to your students in the one window. You can setup different events to generate SMS messages based on; appointment changes and appointment reminders for personal training sessions, fee reminders or special events like gradings or courses. Students can reply to the reminder sms message to accept, cancel or rearrange appointments. Appointments of different status appear in different colours on the grid so you can easily see where your complete schedule is at.

Send Large Marketing Blasts from our Window SMS Send Application

At the association level or an organization with multiple clubs the need for mass communication may be required.

Campaign Messenger is a Windows Application designed for sending Campaigns to very large lists of recipients. It manages the connection to our Gateway controlling message delivery speed and issues related to internet drop outs so your messaging blast runs without problems. The system keeps you update on the process of the message send.

A simple download of our application to your PC instantly gives you the ability to communicate at a level requiring man power no martial arts group or club has.

  • Insert Recipients name into the message.
  • Set the message source address, e.g. Instructors or Club name.
  • Supports Foreign character sets e.g. Chinese
  • Easy Recipient import and export functionality
  • Logon into the Web Application to track message delivery

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