Direct Debit - Student Fee Collection

TOP 10 reasons to use Direct Debiting to collect your student fees.

Coming soon - Our new Partner will offer members an excellent deal on collecting student fees with a variable service level to meet the evry budget.

i.You Get Paid Faster: Settlements are dispersed as cleared funds to your nominated account within 24 hours of settlement occurring.

ii.You Keep Control: Your business is unique. Your customer’s payments are processed as required by YOU. You decide the frequency, amounts and dates of the payments processed.

iii.You Save Time: We provide 24 hour access to your clients details via secure log in.

iv.You Keep Customers Longer: Our new partner has proven to increase the retention rate and decrease the attrition rate of customers / members.

v.You Get More Support: You know your business, we know direct debit. When you’re busy with your business and need help along the way, we will help you.

vi.No matter what type of business you are in, if you have customers who make regular payments – our direct debit system will benefit you.

vii.Increase your bottom line – By allowing us to take care of the payments for you, your business can enjoy decreased administration time and costs – allowing you to focus on your business instead of chasing payments.

viii.Balance your cash flow – Payments are streamlined and your income is predictable and regular, making it easier for you to plan and budget. This method is also attractive to your customers for the same reasons. It is proven that customers on this method of payment remain loyal for longer – so you can expect to see an increase in retention and a decrease in attrition.

ix.Our system will allow you to remain in control. Weekly, fortnightly or monthly – You to choose the frequency of payment best suited to your business and your clients. No matter where you are situated – your customer information is updated in real time, and reports and records are available to you 24/7 through secure log in to our web portal.

x.When you call or email us, you will never be treated as just a number. You will be connected with a real person, who understands your queries and is ready to help you.

The Martial Arts Australia Deal is you get a cheaper rate, simple just quote your member number and save! They can’t improve on their service everyone gets the same great service we just broker you a better deal.

The transition is so easy to swap providers because you don’t have re-sign students to another contract form. The other great thing is it is your club name (or another name) that shows up on their bank account so students can recognise what the payment is for. Many clubs say they get a number of cancellations on student fees form time to time because they don’t recognise the transaction on their bank statements.

It really is as easy as 1,2,3! Choose your payment frequency, have your customers complete a debit authority – and submit via email or fax. Your payments are then processed according to your selected frequency – and proceeds are deposited as cleared funds to your account at clearance.

Interested to find out what with have for you! Call us now for an update 03 8601 1124


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