After much deliberation and trepidation we have decided to launch a dedicated Martial Arts Business Magazine. We have been hesitant to go down this path due to the extra workload and the ongoing consumer expectations for such a publication. There is of course a real need for club owners to know what’s going on around the globe and to access business support. This is not unfamiliar territory for us as we launched our first digital magazine 14 years ago on CD/DVD ‘Interactive Martial Arts’ complete with embedded video. At that time, MAA needed to get a lot of information out to instructors / clubs so a DVD served that purpose. A few years later IMA evolved into a TV program to attract more consumers into martial arts by promoting their value. From this we have also helped launch Kapow TV and Action Star TV to promote the entertainment aspect to martial arts through the movie scene. Alongside this we have worked in many ways to help make our industry more professional and attractive for participates. Now our focus is back to giving instructors more tools to influence more consumers to train in martial arts.

This publication serves to do just that by pulling together the very best experts in the industry so they can share their insights on this platform. Learn how the experts became highly successful and apply what they did, to your business. Readers will gain access to numerous resources, various business tools, special deals on essential business products, basically everything they could ever need to run a successful martial arts business.

Are we asking you to help finance this magazine, absolutely not! This magazine is fully funded by Martial Arts Australia dedicated to supporting the industry for FREE. We are looking for contributors as writers  / columnists so please contact us to discuss appropriate stories and space requirements.

Magazine Format – Free Subscription
(1) 60 page publication (full size pages / images / videos) read on any device.
(2) Cut down version for mobile phone reading

First Issue OUT! 15th July 2018

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