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Services - The One Stop Shop for Instructors

We have the broadest range of services for Martial Arts Instructors / School Owners referred to as 'The One Stop Shop'.

We are constantly expanding our services to help instructors / school owner and it doesn’t matter whether they are just starting out or have been operating for years. They can all get access to the full range of our products which will enable them to operate more profitably. Martial Arts Australia is often referred to as ‘One Stop Shop’ for martial arts school owners as it has all the best deals packaged under the one roof. Operators can simply select the ones they want and instantly implement the services they need to run their school more cost effectively and profitably. All you need to do is think about where you would like to start, perhaps up grade your qualifications or get a new website, maybe you need to get the best price on insurance / direct debit / IT services.

Remember right now with your Membership you will get: FREE Directory Listing, Free SMS credits, mobile APP -Site, Business Resources Pack, Club Management Software and discounts on multiple services just for starters.

Our Services are split into three categories: Financial - Educational - Multi Media

Financial Services include:
All forms of insurance for opportating your martial arts school, promotional activities and the venue you operate from. We also have Martial Arts Travel Insurance specifically for instructors / students / family // friends - training and competitions. We also have deals on student fee collection through direct debiting. 

Educational Services include:
Nationally Recognised Training Courses - business mentoring - Internationally Recognised rank / black belt gradings -  business webinars and martial arts curriculumns.    

Multi Media Services include:
Website design - hosting - SEO, Mobile APP,  Video Production, Covering Events, Instructional Videos, Promotional Videos and Martial Arts TV.

Martial Arts Australia Membership is what gives you access to this whole world of support. Don't be disadvantaged without support let us help you be the best you can be - The Martial Arts Master Teacher & Master Businessman.

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