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Aikido is considered to be a non-aggressive style, as the Aikido student does not instigate the attack. The basic principle of Aikido is “Do not fight force with force”. Aikido uses very few punches and kicks. Instead, the attackers force is redirected into throws, locks and restraining techniques. Size, weight, age and physical strength differences of the opponents play only a small role, as the skilled Aikido practitioner is able to redirect the attackers energy, keeping his attacker in a constant of unbalance.  Aikido rose to prominence in the west with the many blockbuster films starring Steven Segal. 

Martial Arts Australia helps you find the best and most trusted Aikido instructors Black Rock Aikido schools. The Martial Australia Aikido directory lists all the top Aikido dojos situated throughout the Black Rock area. Learn the ancient art of Aikido with qualified instructors who is registered with the peak industry body. Go through and review each school and request a free class pass or view the latest special offers from each school. 



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To be effective, Aikido takes longer to learn than most other martial arts. Aikido can be practiced to a late age because this martial art does not rely on flexibility, muscle speed, or strength. Thus it has become especially popular with women and senior citizens.

Aikido training teaches the use of several martial arts weapons such as Tento, Jo and Bokken. There is also a sport style of Aikido named Tomiki Aikdo.

Origin of Aikido: Japan - Founder of Aikido: Morihei Ueshiba 1883-1969
Popularised by: Movie star Steven Seagal, the first Western person to open an Aikido school in Japan.

Aikido is very popular with local Black Rock residents, especially kids Aikido classes. Use our smart search engine to find and review the best Aikido schools and find the one that best suits your needs.

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