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Glenn Coxon and Graham Slater discuss ACTION STAR

Do you believe in your students and the quality of your teaching? As we know every kid (and adult) at some stage has dreamed of being an ACTION STAR, so you really owe it to your students to help them achieve it! Glenn Coxon and Graham Slater discuss the Melbourne Auditions in the Studio. "How do I get in?...Where do I start?....I'm I good enough!...Is it real? Many people doubt themselves but we are Martial Artists right! We have vision, we are confident, we are leaders, w...e inspire, we help people reach their goals. This is your chance to put it all together and do all of those things by entering yourself and / or your students into Action Star TV / Competition - Audition. This is the reality.... 1. Anyone over 16 years could win a movie studio contract via Action Star 2. Absolutely no experience necessary: ALL training is provided AT the auditions and during the filming. 3. Your students only need to perform any short demonstration, kata/form, or SIMPLE self defence routine during the first round of auditions. 4. Next, they will be in a workshop with Action Star choreographer Trung Ly who will teach them their routine for the quarter finals (up to 2 mins). They will have time to rehearse it and then perform it in front of the judges. 5. Next, they will be in another workshop with Richard Norton who will teach them more about acting and performing Hollywood style action scenes. He will teach them the next action scene. They will rehearse it and then be judged as part of the semi-finals. 6. TWO of last year's Action Star winners (with no experience) have just been offered roles in a Hollywood film starring Scott Adkins and Andy On, being filmed in China and Vietnam!

INSTRUCTORS - address your students with something like this ….. •Here is a once in a lifetime chance to use your skills and live your dreams of being in an action movie! •Many of you are capable of this and I believe in you! •You don't need to BE a star to start; they will teach you everything you need to know! •I will help you....we will help you get ready for the first audition step; you already know and perform Kata/forms well so you can do it! •If some of you make the Finals, you will feature in a TV series! •If you WIN the Finals, you will go to Hollywood and win a studio contract! •There may be more than one winner; we could have several stars here at our school! They are looking for 12 people for the TV series! •Let's shoot for the stars and GO FOR IT! Call me if you need help pulling together your act on 2nd December - Melbourne Studio

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