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Billing Hassles - No Need!

BILLING HASSLES – NO NEED! When school closures were eminent most owners had already made agreements with students to continue paying fees (some just half), to move to online classes and PT sessions, but their billing company didn’t allow it. They even held on to fees they were due mid-term before the closure and made instructors jump through hoops to claw back the money, that was still owed. They didn’t even ask if the club had made any arrangements with students to continue paying, they just stopped all transactions!

We understand that each billing company interprets the financial services rules differently. In this case it looks like many panicked and enforced the most conservative measures; some would say they took it a step too far. This playing safe strategy gave no consideration to the financial impact to their clients’ business.

Many schools have shared their stories of anguish on how they thought THEY were in control of their students’ fees and found that the billing companies took control. We know some billing companies still will not allow direct debit payments for online classes, so some clubs have ZERO INCOME.

We know one billing company that made a better decision and their clients have seamlessly embraced the online classes and continued to charge members their training fees, without disruption and we’re happy to introduce you to them.

MAA has worked with 5 billing companies over the past 27 years and we recently did a market study, to find out the service levels, securities and transaction rates of 13 providers. You don’t have to do the research yourself as we have done it for you.

Let us know if you’d like us to introduce you so you’re ready for the end of lockdown with a better solution!

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