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Coming out of lockdown you would have had plenty of time to think about lots of things including: your family, friends, work, business, personal interests) and what your priorities are. The world has definitely changed and continues to, so many businesses have used this down time to be more productive. I know we have and as I chat to others, I hear they are building stronger foundations, planning marketing strategies, exploring new technologies and generally trying out stuff.
If you are like me, you would have also done a massive clean of rubbish around the house, office and finished off a pile of jobs / projects. For me, this has been very important for not only clearing my space physically, it has cleared my space mental and spiritually. This extra clarity you get can’t go to waste. You need to execute your plans earlier than you think, before you fall into some form of safe, mundane routine.

I have always been one to find the positivity in most things I do and experience. It’s times like this we can reflect with a new reality and be a more powerful person than before.
This is something for All Martial Arts Schools – You Don’t Have To Be A Member - It’s a Free Mini Website Listing that works as lead generator for your club. It automatically works for you 24/7 responding to leads by offering visitors a Special Deal (that you create) and keeps you informed. Add your Profile, Timetable, Photos / Video, Google Map and links back to your main site plus social media.
One of the most important benefits is these Mini Sites automatically rank highly in the search engines because they ride on Martial Arts Australia rankings.
This will be one of the most productive 15 minutes you can do for your business and if you already have a listing update and make sure everything is current.

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