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Dynamic Duo Marketing Magic


When my team comes up with a great idea, I just love to share it, especially when it’s something that will help so many schools kick off their student recruitment, post-lockdown. There are a lot of elements to this one, yet it’s simple, powerful and quick to activate, as a kick ass student attention grabbing machine. We called it the Dynamic Duo, because we have combined our existing powerful ‘club directory listing - mini site’ with a new savvy landing page that allows for payment integration, instant memberships sales, a live interactive timetable and enquiries are automatically sent to you 24/7. You can add as many back links to your social media, other websites. You can be live in 48 hours. For those MAA members that already use our ‘club directory’ – mobile app + web version – then add this new landing page so you will be found in four high ranking positions, plus your own website and social media exposure. Getting found in More Places puts you in front of More Potential Students and our package allows you to simply SET & FORGET. It keeps working for you, because it’s set up from the start, the right way. Check Out How It Works! It will be a most valuable 5mins for your business. What a chat PM me! https://www.martialartsaustralia.com.au/mark…/your-club-site

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