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North Strathfield CAPOEIRA SCHOOLS

Capoeira consists of a stylized dance, practiced in a circle called the "roda", with sound background provided by percussion instruments, like the "agogo", the "atabaqui", etc. The "Berimbau" is a non-percussion instrument that is always used on rodas. Capoeira also puts a heavy emphasis on ground fighting, but not grappling and locks. Instead, it uses a ground stance (from the basic stance, you just fall over your leg stretched back, flexing it, and leaving the front leg stretched ahead), from which you make feints, dodges, kicks, leg sweeps, acrobatics, etc.

There are a variety of forms of Capoeira, including where two people “play” fight each other inside a circle formed by spectators, while other members of the group play instruments and sing. The music dictates the speed or tempo of the movements. Origin: Brazil

Find Capoeira Schools near North Strathfield. We here ar Martial Arts Australia will help you find the best and most trusted Capoeira instructors and North Strathfield Capoeira schools. Learn the art of Capoeira with qualified instructors who is registered with the peak industry body. The Martial Australia Capoeira directory lists all the top Capoeira dojos situated throughout the North Strathfield area. Go through and review each school and request a free class pass or view the latest special offers from each school.


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