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Tips On Streaming

Our friends at ClubManager Software have launched a new feature which is Video Conference Web Address. This allows your members to join classes remotely (via teleconference software) whilst retaining full control of payments, membership and communication within ClubManager and the ClubLink app.

Get a Free ClubManager Account for 3 months (no strings / credit card requirements – cancel anytime)
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In these times, it's important we remain sensitive and supportive of our members and also to ensure we, as business owners remain positive and progressive in our approach to the challenges we're facing. That's why ClubManager has released this new feature which will help you keep your "Virtual" doors open and continue to receive fees from your membership base by offering on-line classes.

 On-Line Training Tips - 

Here are some tips on best practice we have compiled from several industry leaders who are making the most of this crisis and are managing to keep their virtual doors open for business.

~Offer cut-priced fees for those who ask for a fee suspension rather than risk losing a student

~Do whatever to keep the member, even if you have to give them free training for awhile whilst we are locked down (You will win them back later)

~Keep it confidential if they are receiving free training, so others don’t all ask.

~Be perceived as a SUPPORTIVE and a caring coach/trainer/instructor and not abandoning them during a time of crisis!

~Remember they are scared, and they see you as someone who is regularly leading them in their health, fitness, and skill set so now is the time to truly engage with them.

~Being locked away for weeks, you will become the absolute highlight of your member’s day as each and everyday you offer them a little slice of normality and sanity.

~You will also offer a break to parents if you are teaching child classes and this will definitely be valued and respected as it might be the parent’s only relief from their kids (apart from when they sleep)

Set some Guidelines - Ground Rules

~Remind your members to clear their training space of any unnecessary items such as toys, pets, toddlers etc & know their boundaries (including height of lights etc)

~Remind everyone to have the Microphones switched off during class. You may also choose to leave them open from their end and simply “MUTE ALL” from your end; that way you can unmute as required during the session. Q&A can be  one at the end of a session.

~Do a Role Call as this keeps everyone on their toes and accountable for attending training. If you are using the classes to add to a grading or levels attendance, this will also keep them coming back for more.

 Offering a Valuable Experience to Members – Top Tips

~Send reminders to all registered attendees that class is about to start 10 minutes or so before each class. A good software system will do this automatically for you (ClubManager software has this facility built in)

~Dress the Part: Make sure you request your members to dress ready for training as they would if they were in-house at your gym/club/dojo. It will help them to familiarise with the virtual world classes and focus on you as their trainer/coach and their development. The quality of the experience will be much better, and they will want to attend more, invite family & friends along and come back when the doors re-open.

~Focus your intent (and theirs). Start and finish each class with a ritualistic focusing of the intent for everybody to “Get in the Zone” Again this will make for a better quality experience and you will also find you don’t tend to slip with your own focus. Best practice is to follow a class plan, at least until you get the feel of the new on-line environment.

~Let them unmute and talk after class (within reason and in a controlled manner): Allow for extra time at the end of training for some Q&A time. When members enter your gym, they come dressed for the part, they focus on their training and then they stick around to catch up with their training buddies. Now they are in the virtual class environment, try to keep it as ‘normal’ as possible by offering that post-training chat time.

~Invite other non-member family/friends to join in at no cost as this will create openings to new memberships for  hen the doors re-open. This may be your best opportunity in years to recruit new members! Many clubs are experiencing massive growth already especially when you consider many traditional Fitness Gyms have closed their doors and their clients are now looking for an alternative…Gobble them up while you can!

~Mix up the training with new training ideas as there is no excuse for saying you can’t train your usual partner based training…Time to mix it up!

~Go onto YouTube for training tips from others and use these in class.

~Offer Free uniform, Training T-Shirt or similar for anyone signing up to “XYZ On-line”. The attendees will feel part of the online tribe, as they are wearing the standard dress- code, they feel part of the group and will definitely want to continue the experience and learning once we return to the ‘real world’

~Post out a uniform/Training shirt to other family members who join-in so they feel like they’re also part of the group. It’s the tribe mentality effect again

~Keep classes to a shorter time: 40-60 minutes can be dropped to 30 minutes with higher frequency. People will be encouraged to train more often and become addicted and you will be surprised how much you fit into a 30-minute session.

~You will be very surprised how soon this feels “Normal” and so will your members. Many trainers/coaches/instructors are already reporting they feel quite settled into this new environment and are surprised how fast they felt rather natural in delivering classes on- line.

~When you re-open, set up a camera for those who want to remain on-line students from around the world (paying fees)

~If you are teaching a grade-based system such as Martial Arts, offer credits for attendance towards gradings and think about how you can do on-line gradings.

~Put up a banner in the background (if you can’t broadcast from your usual locations)

~If you’re using Zoom, you can record sessions, send them later to those who missed a class and also review the content so you can offer correctional tips to attendees from the last session in the next one. This will keep attendees on their toes as they will think you have definitely been watching them and it offers a more valuable experience for them as they are being identified for correction of praise. Best to keep the praise going during these trying times. 






Club Closed – Open For Business
Many schools have simply moved class online and also offered outdoor training that allows students to continue paying fees. If you are not sure how to do this effectively we can help you and suggest using ‘Zoom’ video conferencing software (free or paid version) we also have a booking / member management software to help facilitate that (free version also available). https://zoom.us/

Need help with ClubManager now?
Glenn Coxon – National Operations Manager  -Club Manager Software Australia & New Zealand
Email: support@clubmanagersoftware.com.au 

Phone: 02 8052 9510


Launching into the new On-line world

  ♦ Announce you’re going online to your members with an introductory email/SMS, or Multimedia approach:

  ♦ Keep the initial message positive and include a few well-known health tips from the Health Dept, not assuming your readers will already know.

  ♦ Make the offer for on-line all about them, staying healthy, staying sane during lock-down, a chance to remain in touch with their fellow members, let them know it will be easy to attend, take away their excuses for not training.

  ♦ Broadcast from the school/gym/club for familiarity and in keeping with your aim to offer some form of normality (assuming you’re not locked out)

On the subject of using ZOOM:
  ♦  If using Zoom for live streaming; don’t use the Free version as you’ll be prompted to upgrade once you have over 3 people attend or try to go over 40 minutes.

  ♦  Use the Virtual background feature with your logo in the background to appear more professional (beware of fast-moving techniques which won’t capture on slower bandwidths) – Paid version only

  ♦ Record sessions for those who miss a session - Paid version only

  ♦  A paid ZOOM account is only $20AUD/Mth for up to 100 attendees

Get the Professional tools for a great experience- Use a software which will allow you to keep billing members, communicating with them, automating your online training so you offer the best experience possible:

  ♦ Some Club Management software companies are offering great deals including free software for a period or discounts, so there’s never been a better time to get your business properly organised!

  ♦ Make sure you’re using a reliable live streaming service. Skype may be free, but the clarity and dropout rates, page  efresh rate means you may come across looking grainy and jumpy. That’s not a good experience.

  ♦  Zoom has a bigger pipe offering more consistent quality, low drop potential and many other tools so you will deliver a great experience for your attendees.

  ♦  The streaming quality can be affected by your internet speed (as you are UP-loading not Downloading your images). Hence your choice of streaming service and internet speed may affect the quality of your sessions; make sure you’re
using quality. If what you are demonstrating on-screen is fast moving, ‘screen speed’ will become quite imperative as a slow service will make your image look a little jumpy and difficult to follow.

  ♦ Use a large screen TV or projector for classes if possible. Then you will be able to see your members more clearly as their images will be much larger. This will possibly allow you to spot when a member makes a mistake and you can call it
out live at the time; making their experience more like the ‘real thing’ and more valuable. 

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