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Sports Commission Retires NCAS Courses

Australian Sports Commission (ASC) RETIRES Martial Arts Instructor Courses (NCAS & NOAS Programs)

In September 2017 retired the National Coaching Accreditations Scheme and has partnered with a number of sports to pilot other more up to date programs. The Australia Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) has become, the ideal replacement for the Martial Arts Industry. It’s based on nationally accredited units that provides the framework for possible jobs in a number of industries as many of the skills are transferable. AMACS is cost effective for instructors providing a nationally recognised qualification, rather than a sports or industry specific endorsement only. It also provides a more realistic and cutting-edge learning approach and experience for students looking for a national qualification, a practical course that sandwiches practical skills that can be used across a range of industries. Its flexibility allows martial arts instructors to enrol from anywhere, at any time and do as much as little as they require as three levels are offered.

This means that school owners and individual instructors can gain the most specific martial arts instructors qualification / accreditation straight away. There is also a process of recognising prior learning (RPL) to Senior & Master Instructor status through Martial Arts Australia.

Club owners can partner up with AMACS and have their own instructor’s program endorsed and matched to national recognised units of competency giving them a substantial commercial edge. Instructors can enrol anytime from anywhere as all courses are delivered online with costs subsidised by Martial Arts Australia. AMACS courses have three levels and completing them all will lead to a full qualification (Cert III Sport Recreation with Martial Arts & Self Defence units). This will be the new standard for instructors to obtain insurance in Australia. Now is a great time to upskill and be compliant with new insurance requirements being introduced.

AMACS Impact with NCAS Retirement

Australia Martial Arts Coaching System (AMACS) as stated in this announcement one of the new methodologies in training and learning that has been released over the last 2 years. It utilizes technology to provide a more streamline package to students that can be studied to suit their availability and varying demands on time for learning. It also uses videos, handouts and quizzes more efficiently to ensure that students have as part of the training grasped the concepts and practical applications of the material in the course.

AMACS is truly portable and can be studied from anywhere in Australia (or the world) using an internet connection. Feedback is provided progressively as students work their way through the various units which provides an interactive environment that facilitates maximum learning performance.

More information on AMACS Courses - Content / Delivery / Outcomes

Where can you find more information about these changes?
Australian Sport Commission changes to Coaching NCAS Scheme

From Ausport Website

Link: https://www.ausport.gov.au/participating/coachofficial/frameworks

Exert 1: With the shift from ‘compliance’ to ‘support’, there was no longer a need for a system whereby the ASC would approve and register the various coaching and officiating frameworks and programs. As a result from September 2017, the ASC has retired the NCAS and NOAS programs.

Exert 2: The findings were clear. Since the establishment of the schemes, adult learning theory and practice has shifted, new technologies are available, participant expectations of the sport experience have changed and parental involvement in sport is different. Coach turnover is unacceptably high, particularly at the community level, and poor coaching is a major factor in children dropping out of their sport. Importantly, although the NCAS has been in existence since 1979, the majority of people currently coaching sport are not accredited. Finally, NSOs wanted less compliance and more guidance from the ASC.


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