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Arnold Sports Festival Martial Arts Arena


Dear Elite Instructor, This is a lengthy pitch to tell you about the event but, important to describe the whole picture. Please take the time to read through as it’s really an amazing vehicle to take your business to the world stage.

Just thought I would shoot this to you to see if you are interested in being a part of this amazing event. As you will see, there’s only a very short lead up but you still have an opportunity to garner some enormous exposure. Please let me know ASAP if you will be involved as I will start promoting you immediately to fill the workshops.

We want you to be part of this event because we want the people that are top of their game to showcase their art and in return, we will give them the world stage to do it. If this is not something you can do in this short lead up time (15th-17th March), please forward this to other players you feel could pull it off. Below are the elements of the martial arts section and the proposed martial arts activities.

I just want to set the scene, now imagine when you were younger and someone told you that a friend of yours was going to be on the TV. It was a big thing, you thought how important your friend must be because he was selected to be on TV and even more famous after the broadcast. Well now that can be you!

With new technology and online channels you can be seen by a lot more people and be able to commercialise your exposure to build your business. The Arnold Sports Festival is an amazing platform that puts you on the world stage, just by being involved you are perceived to be, top of your game, bringing you an enormous amount of credibility. 

MAA has invested over $10k just to secure filming / broadcasting of the event and other resources for you to be showcased. We will also be promoting all martial arts styles, co-ordinating the floor, running an expo stand as a meeting place / interviewing instructors for our magazine and tv broadcasts. As you will appreciate this is a substantial investment from MAA because we are passionate about promoting martial arts. I thank you for your support in advance.

This will be the second time that the event has sent live broadcasts through Arnie’s Facebook site (3.5millions followers) and we will be pushing it out to many other platforms around the globe. What is this opportunity worth to you?

Credibility / Local & Worldwide Exposure = Commercial Advantage = More Sales / Profits to YOU! Estimated 70,000 foot traffic throughout the weekend! One should consider how this opportunity came about, what work and costs have gone into making it happen. If everyone contributes to its successful, it also becomes your success.

By promoting a tournament, teaching classes, doing a demo, renting an expo stand you are being associated with one of the best action sports heroes of our time, Mr Arnold Schwarzenegger.

We have finalised – Karate, Kung Fu and Taekwondo tournaments along with MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing bouts /shows. We still have space to include other styles, but you have to act now, to give us time to promote you and competitors to entry. We do want to represent all styles so put your hand up if you are not included!

TOURNAMENTS – Promoters:
# Can charge their competitors directly and keep the total entry fee
# Will not be charged a venue hire fee #Get Free passes for officials / judges x 6
# Provide their own mats, judging tables, officials etc unless other arrangements have been made
# Pay a Filming of the event / live broadcast / tournament promotion Media levy
# Spectators have to pay the ASF admission fee per day
# Competitors get free access to the ASF on the day of their event

Martial Arts Masters, you have the opportunity to attract more students by giving them a taste of what you do! Each Instructor can deliver a FREE Open General Class (45mins) for the masses (pre-booked & on the day) so you can get influence people and sign them up.

There is also Master Classes (PAID Speciality Subject Class - 60mins) for senior martial artists (pre-booked & on the day). Cost structure advertised at $149.00 but Expo Special at $49.00. This gives you a further opportunity to sell yourself and get make something more for the day – a double bonus! The event will take $20 and balance minus ticket cost is for the instructor. Obviously, it’s not about the money, it is about attaching value to your teaching and you working with a more intimate group.

Are there any guarantees on numbers? No, this is a first for Australia we don’t know what the take up will be because we don’t know how popular your product or profile is, but we are prepared to give you the space to show us. We will also film you and broadcast the footage globally, your profile will be posted over numerous websites, email campaigns and social media to tell people what you are doing. You also need to market yourself so you can gain greater commercial benefits from this event.

DEMONSTRATIONS Instructors will have the same exposure opportunities when performing demonstrations during the weekend. Those who wish to perform in front of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself will need to discuss this with Graham Slater.

This just a snap shotof the costs involved in just staging the filming of this event. MAA would like your consideration in helping us cover these costs so that all them people at the event get covered over the weekend. Everyone from instructors to promoters are expected to contribute to this cost.  We know you all appreciate what MAA has done to secure everyone gets showcased and you will respond accordingly.

Below are some of the real costs associated with capturing the essence of the martial arts arena!

What’s involved with a Professional Filming Project
# Camera equipment hire (cameras / lighting / sound/ comcast broadcast)
# Production crew
# Broadcast data / software feed / channel connections
# Setting up live camera switch with commentators 
# Relationships to access global networks /channels
# Create on demand videos for continuous play throughout the networks
# Make available MP4 videos for contributors

Where will your profile / contacts be promoted? We will be creating pages here: http://www.martialartsaustralia.com.au/news-events/arnold-sports-festival



Production Team www.mysportlive.tv www.kapow.tv


Graham Slater Arnold Sports Festival – Martial Arts Arena Coordinator

Mobile: 0419 569 565 Email: support@martialartsaustralia.com.au


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