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Martial Arts Alliance History

The International Martial Arts Alliance has long been accepted as an industry peak body for martial art instructors and the group started as a concept way back in the mid-1980s when Graham Slater was traveling extensively to many martial arts schools around the globe. Graham would train and exchange ideas / concepts with various instructors as a ‘circle of knowledge’ learning environment. He created a small following of martial artists who would get together every month or so to train however this grew substantially and was formalized as the International Karate Alliance in 1993. The concept of being open minded enough to share and learn from other martial artists was launched in England, Japan and Australia simultaneously and soon expanded to 15 countries by 1996. Most people are drawn initially to the IMA seeking the cheapest prices for martial arts insurance but this is only the tip of the iceberg to what this alliance can offer you. We now have a Martial Arts TV Show that allows us to showcase even more martial arts instructors to the general public and help make martial arts more appealing to them. By getting more people into martial arts it helps all school owners and that means you!

The International Martial Art Alliance (IMA) is the most progressive provider of martial art services and industry news to martial art instructors and school owners. We are a martial arts association / alliance, a library, the industry media, industry negotiators for instructors, a group of companies, a group of school owners and a group of directors all in one.

The International Martial Arts Alliance prides itself on forming strong relationships with relevant companies, associations and individuals for the exclusive benefit of its members. These arrangements put IMA Members at the forefront of the Martial Arts Industry by offering discounts and services second to none. We are constantly negotiating to track down the best services and products in the industry so you the martial artist, can make your own decision without wasting your valuable time. With its shear mass the International Martial Arts Alliance is able to negotiate on behalf of individuals to get the very best deals for a multitude of products and services so that every school owner will benefit by cheaper prices and better terms. As you read through this information you will get a better understanding of how the IMA can help your school or association become more profitable and secure from outside threats.

The International Martial Arts Alliance is committed to ‘Bringing Martial Artists Together’ and helping them to expand their knowledge, become more professionally qualified and assist in their school’s growth. We will provide direction and support to create a united industry voice. We will encourage Instructors to be more opening minded and share their knowledge and assist in the industry’s self-regulation rather than government legislation. We will provide all the services required as a ‘One Stop Shop’ to help instructors operate their school safely, securely and profitably. We will work to maintain a positive image of martial arts to the public, the corporate sector and government to draw more students into the industry as a whole.

Did you know that your membership fee is put to good use. Apart from all the discounts and various services we provide have a look at what we do for the industry.

  • Industry needs are served through active consultation
  • Extensive services and products are accessible to industry
  • Contribute to education and provide support and direction
  • Provide a strong and united voice for the industry on state and national levels
  • Generate and maintain a position of trust, confidence and respect in the industry
  • Facilitate the availability of nationally recognised training
  • Lobby and work with local and national levels of government
  • Liaise with interests within the corporate sector
  • Work to promote/expand and project the industry’s profile
  • Work as a reference point through industry expertise and knowledge
  • Represent a substantial portion of the industry (large membership base)
  • Hold regular open industry-wide meetings
  • Promote all styles of martial arts through various forms of media including TV


We invite you to make application to the International Martial Arts Alliance / Martial Arts Australia and feel the difference that industry support can have on your martial arts school.

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