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Martial Arts Australia Mobile APP

The Martial Arts Australia Mobile APP is a powerful industry communication tool with the power to link everyone into one massive environment but allow individuals to be in separate groups as well. At last there is a facility that will help grow the industry through it's unique method of communication and all it take is for Instructors to download our APP, tell others about it and then get their own Club APP through us.

For our 3000+ instructors in our network this is a no brainer, Download our APP and never miss another message. Whether it is making sure you get your insurance renewal remnders, other special deals or keeping up to date on all the latest action through Kapow TV you can be sure to be kept in touch.

The sooner you get our APP the sooner you will gain the benefits.

The general public will be downloading our APP to search for professional schools to join and you will be listed in the APP Directory, the same goes for all your events. We will feature schools, entertain / motivate the public with our Kapow TV and serve them up special class deals that will get them knocking on your door.

Promoters (Tournament / Fight Show / Seminar) orginisers reach more people to promote your events through the Martial Arts Australia APP for Free.

You can have your very own Club Mobile APP for FREE. To give your students an incentive to download your APP we have bulit in special features (industry news - events Australia - Kapow TV). Parents / Children will have a number of APPS on their phone and may not want to download yours unless they can see real value even when its free. That's why our special features will help but your pitch is that they will not miss and class changes, get reminders for gradings, camps, tournaments and receive motivation tips / videos and special deals. You may even create a special wards section for Team Leaders and high achievers the perfect motivator to share with their friends.

Okay want to get started, check your MAA membership and call us to set you up with the links and get OUR MOBILE APP and YOUR OWN APP the same day.



Phone 03 8601 1124

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