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Martial Arts Travel Insurance - Get A Quote!

Teams Travelling and Training or Competing around the globe just got a new safety net through a group package. You can get access to this special deal specifically for martial arts for as little as just five members.

Martial Arts Australia the trusted insurance broker for thousands of School Owners gives you access to a very extensive TRAVEL INSURANCE POLICY suitable for instructors and competitors.

Graham from MAA says ‘I found it hard to find a policy that covered everything one would need when travelling. From my research some insurance policies covered training but not competing while others covered one section but left out other important items. In order for travelers to get a more complete cover, they needed to buy two policies but still missed out on important items.

The most confusing thing I read on a travel insurance website is that they stated they covered martial arts, but, when I enquired further I was advised I wouldn’t be covered for training. Obviously, this doesn’t make sense, as there are grey areas in what should be very clear. This is not something you want to find out when you get injured and prompted me to find a product that does what it says’

This policy actually covers students, instructors, promoters and their families for training / competing even as a professional, whilst travelling interstate and overseas.

To get a quick travel insurance quote please fill in the form below. This is a manual process as it's a special martial arts package and requires an individual quotation with the Insurer.

Minimum number of five people per policy

Most travel industry insurances state they cover martial artists but when you ask the key questions, you find out they don’t actual cover you, whilst you’re training and / or competing. There is absolutely no cover if you are a professional instructor / competitor. This policy covers it all and is now available at very competitive rates.

Martial Arts Australia has been assisting instructors / school owners / promoters with various types of insurance for nearly 20 years. For us, it makes sense to arrange cover with a reputable insurer for people on the move whether they are training / competing interstate or overseas.

Travel Insurance Companies are not experts in martial arts, so they don’t know how you train or the real risks associated with your style. Martial Arts Australia on the other hand has the expertise in both martial arts and insurance and can work with you and insurers to find a solution.

What is not covered in most Travel Insurance Policies: Training and Competing activities are not generally covered however they are in policy we can arrange on your behalf. Income Protection is also often not included and this can be costly if you have time off work especially if you are stranded overseas.





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