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Mobile APP for Martial Arts Clubs



We have revamped our digital marketing tools for you so you get more traffic and leads to your business. This new Mobile APP is our latest and greatest innovation we have and we know it will be a powerful tool to grow your business.


A Mobile Club APP can be used many ways to improve your business on many levels.

You can engage, motivate, retain, educate, inform and entrertain your students whilst attracting new ones.

You could spend over $2000.00 to develop your own APP and further ongoing costs. Your Club APP through us is FREE with NO ONGOING COSTS.

With over 58% of online searches beng perfromed on mobile devices it makes sense to have an strong presense there, not just a website. This APP also has a full web version giving you two loactions to be found.

Push notifications get your message through better that SMS or Email, instantly. Whether it is an urgent message of a change of class times or a special deal you want to know your message got delivered.

Showcase your school, programs, instructors, events and promote special deals.

Built in EVENTS CALENDAR for all actvities from around Australia. You can also post your events here too or create a separate section for just your club events.

Built in VIDEO ENTERTAINMENT PACK - KAPOW TV to help you keep your students engaged. Engagement is a crucial part of retaining students and this tool helps you do it.

Built in INDUSTRY NEWSLETTER to keep you informed of what's happening around the globe and generate further engagement for your students.

Our built in features are especially designed to give your CLUB APP more value and encourage your students to download it, use it and share it with their friends. When your students share your APP you start to reach people outside of your network. This means you have the chance to engage and convert more people into a client / student, how good it that!

PRE-BUILT ready for FULL CUSTOMISATION if required. This means all the basic features you need in a Club APP are already created but there are many other functions you can mix and match. We suggest just link up from our standard template and simply add content and you will be ready to engage your students in a few hours.

1. Make sure you have a current MAA Membership (Silver)
2. Download our Partner APP which take you to the environment then search to Download the Martial Arts Australia APP.
3. We create you base template and send you the logins so you can populate your new explosive marketing tool.
4. Once you start building the APP and need help, feel free to call our team. 


What’s the story with Mobile APPs because there are literally thousands of them and more popping up everyday.

Is it yet another piece of technology designed to suck up more of our precious time away from the real physical world, or a brilliant business communication tool (BBCT) designed to make your life easier?

In my perspective it can be both and you have the control to decide on how it’s played out. Corporations know that consumers are glued to their phones with more new users every minute and before we know it, pets will have their own too. They also know you will always be a lot closer to your phone than your computer, so they have a greater chance of reaching you and a higher / quicker rate of response.  

Okay so let’s just talk about two Apps, the first one being the Martial Arts Australia Mobile APP (MAA-APP) and the second being Your Own FREE Club APP (YOCA).

How can (MAA-APP) help you / your business?You gain access to global martial arts network (mass info at your finger tips).You can market your business locally and globally (more people can find you)You can access all our networks in one hit (social media / video channels / products etc)You will have access to view events or advertise your own (tournaments / seminars etc)You will be able to keep up to speed with local / global martial arts newsYou gain greater access to business tools and supportWe can just send you information that’s important to youYou will never miss another insurance reminder for your club (peace of mind)You can get alerts / reminders when events (shows / seminars etc) are in your area We can attract more people into martial arts over other sports much easierYou gain access to exclusive deals / competitions – prizesYou gain access to Kapow TV – Videos (action – education – entertainment)You can switch on/off when you want functions / alerts as you see fit.

How can (MAA-APP) help us?
It’s easier and more cost effective for us to communicate with you / the industry
We can be more certain you received important alerts / news brief (insurance renewals)
We can reduce communication staff and put them into more appropriate service areas
We can manage your enquiries / messages much quicker and easier
We save money on communication resources and can put those funds into new areas
We can sell mobile banner advertising and gain more sponsorship revenue

That is the is the ‘What’s in for us’ statement….Well what are you waiting for - Download our APP now via www.TeamApp.com Once TeamApp is downloaded search their network for ‘Martial Arts Australia’ then request to join. Once we receive your request to gain access we let you and it all just happens from there….

Want you own Mobile APP to run your club / business? Read this first!
Building and using your own Mobile APP can be a complicated and expensive affair but not through us.

Before we go into the HOW let’s look at the WHY! - MORE ABOUT APPS

A specially designed Martial Arts School Mobile APP can dramatically improve the management of your student enquiries, class attendance, marketing and finance. Which is pretty much all of what you need. It will also give you more time on the mat to teach.

Why do I think getting a Club APP through us (our partners TeamApp) makes sense. Here are some of the ways you can use it.

Use the ‘attendance tracker’ function to manage the students in class (auto check in facility)
The built in software allows you to have all the information on each student in the palm of your hand. As they enter your school the APP automatically checks them in.

Take training fees / equipment – uniform sales on the spot with your phone.
Don’t have a merchant facility and clients often don’t have cash, well you could miss out on a sale. Not so if you use the mobile payment system (Stripe) through your APP.

Send urgent changes to class timetable via individual or group push notifications (PN)Send motivational messages / congratulations on achievements via individual (PN)Send training fee, grading, tournament reminders via individual (PN)Send newsletters with links to your main website and other important news
This virtually guarantees higher attendance on all your functions and improves cash flow as students are reminded of their training fee commitments.

Kapow TV access keeps your members educated and entertained without you doing anything.
Kapow TV has proven to be a great asset for student retention and recruitment. The entertainment pack is a powerful reason for your students to download Your APP, so share it your pitch. Soon your students will be sharing Your APP so their friends can watch Kapow TV too. Once they get it you can send them special offers to join your school thus expanding your marketing reach and recruitment of new students.

Link your Facebook, Twitter, Blog, Youtube and website your through your APP.
Make it easier for everyone to find you and get access to all the things you have to offer. Remember it is Engage & Retaint….

There are currently 16 functions with more coming and you can apply up to 12 of them at once in your own Club APP

Now it’s the HOW! You want the business tool right! Well it’s FREE and FREE TO PUSH NOTIFICATION AS WELL… Once you have your SILVER MAA membership you are entitled to get this APP with all the functions and access to our whole network.
Step 1 – Get your membership – if Bronze quickly upgrade to Silver
Step 2 – Go to www.TeamApp.comand download their APP
Step 3 – Once loaded search for Martial Arts Australia through TeamApp (request access)
Step 4 – Create your own App or ask us to build the framework for you
Step 5 – Start building your business you powerful innovative master instructor….

Martial Arts Australia working in Partnership with innovative Mobile App developers TEAMAPP.

I know many of you are not techno savvy and thinking do I really need this, how much time will it take up, will it really get me more students…

Well it’s a hell of a lot easier that doing mail drops in letter boxes, get with the program boys, your clients are all over this stuff. If you are a dinosaur your business doesn’t have to be, get some help and or learn it yourself. It is so empowering and rewarding to know how it works and how to use it.

Once you get it, you gain more time to yourself, you get greater results with less resources freeing up time to do what you love to do, train / teach…..  LET US BUILD YOUR APP NOW








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