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Industry Endorsed Ratings

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MAA Star Rated Accredited School

The industry now has a new Star Rating (Endorsement) to recognise professional schools that operate at the highest standard. To obtain this higher accreditation level, a school must go through an assessment process to see if they meet the criteria.

This assessment covers such primary elements as:
# Operational Standards
# Instructor Qualifications
# Industry Standard Insurances 
# Current First Aid
# Working With Children Permit
# COVID 19 Government Course Completion (AGDH)
# Safe / Appropriate Training Curriculum
# Professional Association Memberships
# Experience As A Teacher & Business Operator
# Risk Management Policies / Procedures
# Use Professional / Safe Equipment



        Additional Star Factors:
# Duration of time in the one location
# Full-time or part-time facility
# The amount classes available each week
# The diversity of styles taught at the facility
# All Instructors have a higher than industry standard qualifications
# If they have a separate gym / fitness section
# Career opportunities (leadership / traineeship programs)
# Online support resources to supplement face to face classes
# If they have a cafe
# Parents waiting section
# Has changing rooms and showers

The Process To Get The Highest Star Rating

Each element carries a value by the way of a points and they are added up, to attribute the most appropriate star rating. As the point system is not just based on instructor qualifications for example, it includes the services you provide and the type of facility you operate. A part-time single discipline club, running out of a community hall twice per week, will not rate as highly as full-time facility with multiple styles and daily classes for example. This is not a static rating, as schools meet a new level, extra stars can be awarded. This Star Rating doesn't take away any credit from the professional instructors, the added stars signify that some venues have more classes, equipment and operate full-time. This is particularly helpful for consumers looking for a training centre with more flexible class times, showers and gym equipment for instance.

Why Get Certified?

As a school you can showcase your accreditation to students and potential clients. You can display your certificate in your school or online. Use the MAA star rated logo on your website or social media pages. Having an Accredited Star Rating allows students to find the best school for their needs much easier. It gives students peace of mind knowing that they are training at a facility that has adequate insurance, First Aid, up to date training curriculums, Safety Standards, Working with Children and all other applicable checks.

Industry Endorsed
Martial Arts Australia is a premium peak industry body, helping many schools obtain and maintain high operational standards. This is particularly helpful for consumers to find a safe school, with qualified instructors and the appropriate programs they want to learn. MAA is recognized not only Australia wide, but international as a world authority and members held in high esteem. They are known for their high standards and vigorous instructor qualification checks. Our team of martial arts / business professionals review each application to see whether instructors / schools meet or exceed the industry standard criteria.

The difference between 4, 5 and 6-Star?
All members of MAA start off with receiving a 4 STAR RATING based upon their application meeting our membership criteria. To obtain a higher star rating schools are required to go through more vigorous checks and assessments via a separate application (see form linked below).

Certification Objectives
MAA wants every school to be successful! We want to help each school to acquire a high standard in operations of running their business. The starred ratings schools status allows them to be able to display their high standard of excellence which helps consumers find the right school for them.

How do I get my school Certified?
Click on the link to fill in the online application form.

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