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This is a great opportunity to set up a powerful business application in the way of a cool website, that generate leads and builds your business.

Our DO IT YOUSELF (DIY) build your own website is a unique offer to showcase your business and get found through Google.

You can start straight away it’s so easy, (standard ‘Word’ style formatting) by filling in the form below. We will then create the framework of your site using one of our templates and email you the login details. You can then follow the instructions to build your masterpiece... ABSOLUTELY FREE!

What’s the difference between our websites and many of the others? # We have some really cool templates with powerful functionality # Our platform dashboard is one of the easiest to update and manage so you are in control # It has provision for your own organic SEO copy / images built in, no need to pay anyone else # We give you tips on how to ‘get found’ much quicker and attract more traffic # Our websites are not restricted in a sub-server environment where Google can’t crawl it # Ours allows you to integrate timetables, memberships etc and billing to management software # Integration with your social media Once the site is built and you are happy with it, you are ready to GO LIVE! This means we host it for you, so you will then need an online address URL,  the best way is to buy a ‘domain name’ or we can arrange one for you. Don’t use a proxy name attached to a host site as it doesn’t instil confidence in your clients as is portrays a temporary business. What will proxy site name look like, it will either have you name at the back or the front of another name that will be completely unrelated to your business. This is what ours looks like: https://www.karateschool.previewwebsite.com.au/ 

Set your address Once you have selected your domain, we will configure it to be seen live on Google by being hosted on our server. The only costs to get you live and keep you there for 12 months is a set up fee and small monthly fee. Go Live – Domain Set $49.00 Monthly Fee - $29.00 (paid via direct debit)

Special Themes Upgrade to get one of our pre-populated theme templates with cool stock images Select from a number of theme categories: (Fitness / martial arts / multiple sports / multiple businesses) One off price $49.00

Want more than 5 pages? No problem we can give you are many pages as you like. Add more pages $15.00 each

Want personal one on one training through our zoom video chat? No problem you can book a time – Fill in the quick form, Minimum 30 mins (AU$45)

Want us to build it? Certainly we can do that for you, please find our Special Packages Linked Here!



Fill out the form below to start your FREE DIY WEBSITE!

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