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What To Ask Your Insurance Broker

It is important to know what to ask your Insurance Broker when wanting to protect your assets. Often the consumer doesn't know what areas of risk they are exposed to in the operation of the business - running your martial arts club.

So what is the Broker's role?  To Track down the best coverage for the risk at the best price but also to explain how he came up with the solution. SPEAK TO A SPECIALIST BROKER - 03 8601 1124

You need an expert in many areas to make sure your business is covered in all the areas of risk and the best way to find that information is you ask a broker. Of course you need to find the right broker, one with the appropriate skills, qualifications, experience and access to the best products in the market.

So what questions should you ask your broker? Here are a few..
Question #1: How Long Have you Worked in the Insurance Industry?
Insurers change their products so it is vital to keep up to date with changes.

Question #2: What martial arts experience do you have?
If they don't know your business how can they arrange the right insurance

Question #3: How exactly am I covered give me an example of an inccident?
Give them a scenario and ask them to explain what happens.

Question #4: Are all styles of martial arts covered, what if I add a new one at my club?
Some policies restrict the amount of certain styles one can run at a club.

Question #5: Does the policy cover sparring (light or full contact)?
Some policies only cover training (group fitness) but not any type of partner work.

Question #6: How Quickly are Your Claims Processed?
The claims process needs to be done in a timely fashion to minimise any club distruption.

Question #7: Do you have any testimonials other martial artist that can recomend you?
Testimonials in ths particular field are vital because it shows they know the industry.

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