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Arnold Sports Festival - Martial Arts Arena 2019

Here is the best opportunity to build your brand / business by being involved in Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Sports Festival Melbourne 15th-17th March 2019. Go To Event Schedule   More Info on the whole event!

The event itself may feel as though it’s slanted as a body building / strongman competition but that is just the tip of the iceberg, it’s actually a multi sport event that’s growing in disciplines each year. Martial Arts / Combat Sports is part of the event and it can be a greater part, depending on how the style promoters utilize it. If the Martial Arts Groups involved want to make it a major part of the event and ride on the massive publicity to promote the industry, they can. It all comes down to how much work / resources the groups put in and if they are prepared to work as a united team.

#1 – This year it’s going to be different! If you have been involved in this event before and your experience didn’t meet your expectations, consider it again as we did, because there is a larger team poised to make it rock!

I have been asked by orginisors of the Arnold Sports Festival to inform the martial arts community that they are invited to showcase their athletes / stars in front Arnold himself, 70,000 participants and even more from around the globe through their tv broadcasts.

What’s in it for you as a school owner and/or promoter?
Exposure / Revenue / Accolade / Networking / Product sales / World Stage
* You can have you own expo stand if you want – meet & greet everyone – maximum exposure
* You and your students have the opportunity to win one of the most prestigious tournaments in Australia
* You can be interviewed at the MAA stand (for Kapow TV video channel /BusNews -  magazine)
* We can give out your business flyers via a showbag to qualified leads
* You can teach the public on the mat as we are running Master Classes for school groups and individuals
* Your business can be advertised on a number of websites
* The whole event will be filmed with live broadcasts that can include you and your students
* You can perform a demonstration in front of Arnold as per all previous expos
* Get a banner advert plus your profile included in the Arnold Mobile App
*Have your profile included in the Arnold & MAA websites
70,000 people will be visiting the event+ numerous media networks


 There are so many opportunities to showcase your club / business / art by just being part of the Arnold Sports Festival!


These benefits depend on how much you want to get involved!

We have included a flow chart at the bottom of this document to show how you can best utilize your involvement!

What is scheduled?
Exhibition Stalls – Tournaments / Fight Shows – Master Seminars – Classes to Public – Demonstrations
What is being considered this year?
Business Conferences –
What is being considered in the future?
Martial Arts Hall of Fame

This is the 5th year and the martial arts section of the festival has had its ups and downs including almost being dumped last year. This of course would have been a disaster for our industry, because we would have lost the opportunity to ride on one of the most recognised action hero brands. THIS YEAR is a new format, bigger team and a much greater opportunity!

Running an association with multiple activities, I know the value of riding on high profile names as they influence more people and convert into greater corporate sponsorship. In the case of this event, our industry gains the highest media coverage which will drive more people to join martial arts clubs. That’s new students for you!

Why this can give the whole industry a lift and a greater benefit to those actually at the event.
Typically, the majority of styles / associations / instructors like to stay in their own safe silo and don’t like to get involved in anything outside of it, unless it meets their given criteria. Operating independently means one doesn’t get the support / combined resources / exposure of an industry wide initiative. In my role in MAA, I constantly hear the frustrations of such individuals stating they wished they had greater exposure /marketing support / more opportunities to meet the public.

This ultimate exposure is now possible with this event!
I’m making you aware that there is a rare opportunity to showcase yourself, (club/style/association/product) which is all being laid out for you. All you need to do is select what part of the event you want to be involved in and make that commitment. Failing to act upon opportunities in the allotted timeframe (as many people do), could result in the opportunity being full or expired. In this case the Arnold orginisors are inviting more martial artists to be part of it but they need to know numbers so they have to lock off space at a set date, to include or exclude you!

There are several thousand instructors in MAA which indicates to me, that they see value in our membership and they need / prefer to have our support / direction. That said, this is a major investment for us to support you and promote the industry, we also plan to grab the attention of major sponsors. This is the biggest / highest profile (fitness / multi sports) event in Australia that martial artists can ride on with hardly any effort or cost. This is surely a gift!

What’s the status of the Expo right now?
There are numerous Competitions, Demonstrations, Training Seminars and Expo Stands. It’s not rocket science to work out what this will do for martial artists / clubs / associations that get involved in the event. The competitions confirmed currently! Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Kyokushin Karate (all styles open full-contact & non-contact), Boxing, MAA, Kung fu / Wushu and Taekwondo. The number of competitions are near capacity for 2019, so get in quick.

The Best Way To Show Case Your Brand - Grab A Stand!
Exhibition stalls (3 x 3m & 2 x 3m) – Only 16 left that wrapped around the Martial Arts Arena
This is one of the best opportunities to gain maximum exposure. At your stand you can give out flyers, talk to numerous potential students, gain tv network coverage and be able to get priority time to teach the public on the mats and demonstrate in front of Arnie! You also gain extra exposure on the websites and Mobile App. Get your media pack and secure your spot.

Teach the public – (take classes for beginners and experts) The are two areas to teach #1 the open mat arena and #2 a private conference room upstairs where your students are pre-booked on your behalf.

Perform a demonstration in front of Arnold & TV Networks
The first priority goes to exhibition stall holders but there is still an opportunity for you depending on time available.

Business Coaches / Mentors to run Workshops for School Owners Have a product to sell and want promote it / test it at a business conference well we can create the space and the audience for you.

In addition to your participant MAA will create more student feeders for you to build your business Action Star TV – Guarantees an audition for the next season by signing up on the day Celebrity Appearances – will be on the MAA stand with interviews / photo signing Master Classes – Beginners (start people on their journey) Master Classes – Black Belts (clubs recruit new instructors)

Give away Expo Packs (club listing / flyers etc) School Excursions running through the expo TV / Radio / Magazine / Website / Social Media exposure

Martial Arts Australia is involved to help co-ordinate the martial arts section of the event and let more of our community know about this amazing opportunity. We will also be running a number of campaigns to get more of the public to turn up, so you get the opportunity to convert them into students.
We also have special MAA Rate on Expo Stands so contact me to see how you can be involved!




Request a Martial Arts Section Media / Advertisers Package This event will have all activities locked down in the coming weeks so act now!

Enter any tournament – the chance to compete in a prestigious event gain media coverage consumer recognition


Teach the public - build your profile recruit students free advertising on two websites & mobile App gain media coverage consumer recognition get a copy of the video footage


Demonstration Teams – Ride off this exposure and gain a commercial benefit Its very rare to be in the same venue as Arnold Schwarzenegger let alone the chance to actually perform in front of him. He maybe even looking for talent for his next movie! Got a slick Demo Team, ask us how to be part of it.


Use an exhibition stand - stand out in the crowd with a platform to sell your services showcase your brand to the crowds for the weekend give out flyers from your stand speak to the public create a place to network have dedicated time slots to run workshops to the public.

Get interview by Kapow TV to use as a promo video and get priority position to do a demonstration in front of Arnie. This is surley the best way to build your profile, recruit students and get free advertising on two websites & Mobile App.

Floor traffic: 70,000 people through the doors
Captured audience: Sports minded people interested in fitness / sports / health / martial arts
Media Coverage: virtually every TV / Radio network will visit the event.
Live Broadcasts: MySportsLive will be filming and broadcasting numerous live broadcasts which will be available for continuous viewership for years to come. These videos will also be shared via MAA, Kapow TV and other channels to maximize the viewership / exposure for those involved.
Website Exposure: Profiles, News, Videos, Landing pages will be published on the Arnold websites / App and MAA Business Magazine: MAA BusNews will be showcasing leaders post event to extend the exposure for contributors




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