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Modern Taekwondo (Tae-Kwon-Do, Fist-Foot-Way) is a martial art originated from Korea (it is also sometimes spelled as Taegwondo) which was created by General Choi Hong Hi (who earned a 2nd dan in Shotokan Karate while a student in Japan) in the 1950's for Korean soldiers. Taekwondo is the combination of Korean martial arts that have exisited since at least 50BC and posesses elements of Karate and Kung Fu in it's early development. Taekwondo gives great emphasis on fast, amazing kicking techniques.  It is said that the jumping kicks that are the hallmark of Taekwondo were developed to kick mongal warriors of their horses.

Taekwondo is more of a long range fighting style, due to its use of more kicking than striking. Board breaking is used in belt grading in Taekwondo, it shows the strength of the techniques being taught.  The competition rules in Taekwondo do not allow the use of throws, holding or grappling. Protective gear is usually worn to allow contact with the body.

Taekwondo is popular all over the the world and is most likely the most widely practiced of the martial arts. Taekwondo is now recognised as an Olympic sport.

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