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Maroubra Junction TAI CHI / QI QONG SCHOOLS

Traditional Chinese martial arts styles can be described as Internal or External; Northern or Southern; Hard or Soft. Tai Chi Chuan is considered to be a soft southern style with an emphasis on slow soft movements. These movements are carried out while concentrating on breathing technique and balance.

Tai Chi Chuan is practiced worldwide for its health benefits and improved concentration. It is widely practised for the reduction of stress and tension - not as a combat martial art.  Although an already known and celebrated martial art, Tai Chi Chuan was resently made more famous by the "man of Tai Chi" feature film starring Keanu Reeves.

Origin of Tai Chi Chuan: China

Qigong- Maintaining physical health and mental balance is a must in today's fast-paced life. Qigong is a healing exercise technique which is used for maintaining mental and physical health. Regular practice of Qigong increases mental vitality and protects you from a number of ailments

Origin of Qigong: China

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