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While Modern Wrestling has it's origins in the Greco-Roman style, there are similar styles found across the globe atesting to it's effectiveness and popularity throughout human history and culture.  While there is no punching or kicking involved, wrestling can be a devastating martial art full of throws and painful locks requiring great skill to apply.  Wrestiling is also an Olympic sport.

Find Wrestling Schools near Dayton. Martial Arts Australia helps you find the best and most trusted Wrestling instructors Dayton Wrestling schools through the Martial Arts Australia Wrestling directory lists. Learn the ancient art of Wrestling with qualified instructors who is registered with the peak industry body.  All of the top Wrestling dojos situated throughout the Dayton area can be found here. Go through and review each school and request a free class pass or view the latest special offers from each school.


Judo / Wrestling Schools near Dayton

MMA UFC Midland Martial Arts Ultimate Fitness Centre

Wrestling Dayton

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MMA UFC is the "Dream Gym" of its Owner/Builder & Chief Instructor Alan Pond. The Midland Martial ...

Wrestling is very popular with local Dayton residents, especially kids Wrestling classes. Dayton is a very sporty area and there are multiple Wrestling schools to choose from and both martial arts are on of the few styles represented at the Olympic games. Use our smart search engine to find and review the best Wrestling schools and find the one that best suits your needs.

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