Types of Membership

$100.00   Bronze  

$195.00   Silver  

$295.00   Gold  

*Register one instructor
*Access to Subsidised Services 
*Best Price on Insurance
*Membership Certificate-PDF 
*Downloadable Business Pack 
*Regular Newsletter
*Club Directory Listing (1)
Additional Instructor Packs 
$20.00 PP

Add 5 page website
Save $147 
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*Club Directory Site with
 extra suburbs (value $150) 
*Certificate/Card Bus Pack /DVD
*School Management Software
*Qualify for Sponsorship
Bookkeeping Mentor Session
*Invites To Business Webinars
*Invites to Seminars 
Mobile Club APP
(Value $2000)

Additional Instructor Packs  
$25.00 PP

Add 5 page website ($125)
Save $172
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*Club Directory Site with  
extra suburbs (value $150)
  * 5 Page Website – value $297
Up to 5 Instructors certified
CSI / CMI (RPL) Status
*Feature Club Listings
Mobile Club APP
(Value $2000)

Additional Instructor Packs  
$25.00 PP

Add 5 page website (FREE)
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Membership to Martial Arts Australia gives instructors validation of their qualifications by issuing an accreditation with their subscription. There are three packages so instructors / club owners can select the one that best suits their needs and budget. We have made our services / support more accessible so every instructor has the opportunity to grow their school / business. We know many clubs run on a shoe string budget while some understand that they have to invest in their business to gain a return. Instructors / School Owners can use a few or all of our services to grow their business, the more you use the greater the growth. Membership! It's a NO BRAINER - Join today!

Powerful ways to Generating Student Enquiries For Your School:
We have launched a new School Directory that is Google optimised, the public have started using it to find clubs and school owner are receiving leads. This directory forms one of the essential elements of a our three part master marketing package. The other two parts are a simple to use website (with total SEO / Lead Generating Functionality / Mobile Friendly) and the other part a Mobile App. First of all make sure you have listed your club!

There are so many of you that value our work so we are also able to fund a TV Show / Channel as well. This has been specifically developed to promote all martial arts styles to the public. We know you get this, the more we can put martial arts (visually through TV) in front of the public, the more likely they are to chose our sport over some other activity.

We have a lot more things in development and as more funds come in we can then allocate the resources to finish of them.

This is what we do as an association – The Martial Arts Industry has a number of professional bodies just like other industries to act as a united voice to government, corporations and the public. Martial Arts Australia’s Membership gives individual instructors and school owners more creditability and support amongst other things. Members are kept informed about the industry (new trends, courses, products, services, seminars etc). There are many martial arts associations within the industry with some claiming to be peak bodies in their given style. The International Martial Arts Alliance / Martial Arts Australia justifiably makes the claim as a peak body for all styles.

We work with government/corporations/all styles associations and offer the most services of any martial arts association in the world. We do this by cutting out the politics, working with industry leaders and with other associations whose vision is to promote all martial arts disciplines.

How does membership with the IMA / MAA benefit the individual martial arts instructor / martial arts school owner? Firstly they get registered as a Certified Martial Art Instructor (internationally) and this gives them a lot of extra credibility. Secondly we provide regular opportunities to up-skill instructor qualifications (government recognised) and offer industry workshops. Successful registration means that you have been assessed as a professional martial arts instructor/ school operator. Members therefore will have the appropriate skills and knowledge to operate a martial arts club in a professional manner using the correct industry policies and procedures. This is particularly appealing to potential students because they feel they are in safe hands so they are more likely to choose an International Martial Arts Alliance Member School.




Over the past 25 years Martial Arts Australia has contributed an enormous amount to the industry without any assistance of government funding. It is only by instructors recognising the value of membership and paying our nominal annual subscription fee that keeps us going. The size of our membership reveals that there are a lot of instructors that see the value in what we do. Some instructors new to the industry think we should do all this for free. Perhaps they think we must be paid by some special sporting government body. That would be nice but not true, we pay our staff so we can get things done and that comes from subscriptions and sponsors. Look at any other martial arts association and you will find their mindset / structure is 90% non for profit. This really means they don’t have any money, no one gets paid so you can’t expect them to offer any services. The reality is people can only work for free for so long so revenue is a must if an association is to do any real work for the industry.

The only reason we have achieved so much of the past 25 years and provide so many services including free ones is because of the following: We have the right people with the right skills and vision. We also made a lot of mistakes and learnt from them but the most important contribution is we invested in our expertise. Lastly we know what instructors really need and set out to provide a broad range of services for them, our ‘One Stop Shop’ to help all school owners. So if you are an instructor just starting out, or one moving to the next level or an association we invite you to talk to us, we accept you on your own merit, we don’t talk politics, we have no hidden agendas, we just offer support.

We take every instructor on their own merit not by what someone may say about them. If they don’t initially meet our Certification criteria for membership, we will assist them to meet it, by making available appropriate courses / training and resources.

  • 1. Instructor Certificate / Certified Instructor Card /Certified Instructor Badge
  • 2. Industry registration & recognition – Certified Practising Instructor CPI
  • 4. Online resources in Business, Marketing, Risk Management
  • 5. Discounts / Group Deals on heaps of services & products (save $1000s)
  • 6. Martial Arts DVDs – create your own instructional DVDs (lowest rate)
  • 7. Martial Arts Software – Manage your school easier
  • 8. Advertising – Free club listing in two Martial Arts Directories
  • 9. Cheapest prices on Insurance – select a package that suits your operation (save hundreds)
  • 10. Free advertising of your events – Post on our events pages & newsletters
  • 11. Free Martial Arts & Business Seminars / Webinars
  • 13. Free Bookkeeping / Accountancy support (value $60)
  • 14. Access to high Dan Ranking through our international grading panel
  • 15. Access to discounts government approved instructor courses (AMACS)
  • 16. Filming of your events – discounted rates
  • 17. Business mentoring for you anytime, anyplace for a budget that suits
  • 18. Martial Arts IT – Mobile web sites / Free Month Subscription
  • 20. Direct Debit – Fee Collection services (best service / lowest prices)






Martial Arts Australia - International Martial Arts Alliance - Martial Arts Insurance Services
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Production Studio: Unit 6 / 12 Henderson Rd Knoxfield Victoria, Australia
Postal Address: PO Box 2057 Blackburn Southl 3130 Victoria, Australia   
Phone: 03 8601 1124 




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