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Martial Arts Australia has just launched MA BusNews a magazine that focuses on content for business owners and combines digital and print to create a fully interactive publication. Our first digital magazine was actually 14 years ago and technology has vastly improved since then, allowing us to put more interactive elements into this publication.

Each issue has numerous hot links to give you instant access to various online resources. This includes special offers, business tools, books, manuals and videos.

We have recruited an extensive team of expert contributors (here are a few names – Stephen Oliver, John Graden, Toby Milroy, Dave Kovar, Paul Veldman, George Fourie, Vincent Busittill, Paul Mracek, Rod Darling, Zara Phythian, Danny Zaino, Glenn Coxon, Phil Britten, Mannie de Matos, Matt Jones, Natsuko Mineghishi and Lourene Bevaart to name a few). They will cover everything you need to know about running a martial arts school and working in the tv /film industry. You will find all the “must attend” events, interviews with master instructors, the word on supplements, supplies and exclusive offers.

Although we have a lot of talent in Australia, those who are the top of their game did it by traveling the world to gain perspective and further knowledge. I know many Australian Instructors don’t have access to the best in this country, let alone the best from around the globe. This magazine gives you the best of both worlds, Aussie and International talent.

Kapow TV will also be inviting instructors to their studio to be guests on various TV segments (expert panel and variety show expert) with each guest giving a demonstration. Part of these segments will be transcribed into text, images as well as videos for the magazine.

Magazine published in three formats: A4 PDF digital publication (readable on any device) – 6 issues PY Mobile PDF digital publication (cut down version more suitable for phones) – 6 issues PY Print publication – 2 issues PY

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