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I would like to celebrate MAA’s 25th Year Of Operation (2018) by giving away something of value. It comes back to support, gratitude and loyalty we have experienced from so many club owners over the years.

The industry’s support has allowed us to grow in membership and services to become the largest martial arts association in Australia (by clubs in our network and services we provide).

We are giving away FREE Memberships to any club owner (anywhere in the world) whether they have been a member before or not. Existing members get a special deal upon their renewal of course.

Now that I have your attention I would love to tell you what we have in store for you this year.

We will be supporting the industry by:
*Creating Video advertising – Targeted at the public to get more people into martial arts
*Creating TV programs that promote martial arts to a wider audience
*Helping people follow a pathway into the Film / TV industry – Action Star TV
*Opening up our TV Studio for you to produce your instructional videos (free filming)
*Sponsoring community self-defence programs that you run (ask us how / when / where)
*Sponsoring events (seminars / tournaments) – filming your events
*Offering free instructor business training seminars
*Offering you the very best deals on all forms of insurance (we are negotiating with more providers to bring you even better deals)

*Free Standard Accreditation / Certification (PDF certificate registration)
*Free Business Tools / Resources (Online Pack)
*Free Standard mini website listing in our directory guaranteed to help people find you
*Free VIP Industry Rewards Card (accepted in over 50 countries – Cashback on everyday items)
*Free Bookkeeping consultancy - Diligence Bookkeeping (20mins with extra time available) 
*Free Regular Industry News
*Free Access to MAA Mobile APP
*Free Access to MAA Business Centre Training Courses
*Free Access to Group Buying Facility – including Insurance
*Access to Black Belt Gradings (1st – 7th Dan)
*Access to Instructor Training Courses (Coaching / Officiating / Business)

For those clubs that have assistant instructors helping you out, you can acknowledge their contributions with an instructor registration. For just $20 each instructor will be issued their own accreditation under your membership, (qualification details required).

If you would like extra support in business, marketing and accreditation you can upgrade to a Silver $100 off or Gold $50 off memberships. See link for more details.

Other levels include such things as – a website, your own mobile APP, extended advertising through our directory, print pack accreditation (cards / badges / DVD), management software.

If you like what we are doing it would be great to get a ‘FB like’ or even better a testimonial to let others know how we have helped you. Likewise, if you feel we can do better we would love to hear how we can improve our services. You can reach me at and I will respond to your comments personally.

Last but not least, everyone will need to fill out the application form to make sure they meet the industry qualification standards. FILL OUT FORM - FREE MEMBERSHIP

Wishing you all the very best start to a new beginning for your school.

Graham Slater
Martial Arts Australia - Director
International Martial Arts Alliance - Chairman

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