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We have build a company with the help of 1000's of club owners that is the one stop shop for all your club and student needs


We make sure instructors and clubs that join MAA have the right qualifications and checks. Give your students more confidence.


We have negotiated great deals with some of the best companies so you dont have to break the bank to take your club to the next level!




Public Liability Insurance is essential for protecting your students, instructors and everyone else associated with your school. Get A Quote!


Keeping up to date on the business world of martial arts can be so much easier with our MA Bus Mag, now up to Issue #5. Subscribe Now!


Integrating functionalities and automating admin processes is crucial to operate your business / school successfully. Try Out Club Software!


Whether its a new one or updating an old one, there are plenty of options to make it look cool and do its job at lead generating. Look At Some Options!


Having the right skill sets, experience and qualifications is essential to run a martial arts club. Find Out What The Industry Expects You To Have!


Getting this wrong can be a disaster, but with a billing company that knows your business, has the service and the best rates, Its Easier To Be Successful!


There are many ways to market your school and we have a number of cool business tools to help you do it most efficiently and effectively with just a small budget. Your MAA membership has lots of business resources that allow you to Promote Your Business For Free. Our latest Dynamic Duo Lead Generating Package is designed to return great results, basically its a set and forget. We wanted to give you more time to do what you love, teaching and sharing your knowledge, as people can find you easier.

Generate Leads


Coming up with great ideas for a promotional video is hard enough, but understand the process or having the right equipment is more challenging. Well until now, you see MAA has its own Production Studio and Libraries of Stock Footage so they can create individualised promo videos for a fraction of the cost of the industry standard. We have a number of stock themed promo videos that you can use straight away or simply as us to change the message, add your logo and send it back to you.

Our Video Library


We promoted other people's events (tournaments - fight shows - expos - seminars - business workshops - industry luncheons) and our own activities. Not only do we help the promoters get the word out to the industry through our extensive network we cover numerous events with our own video production team. Over the years our TV programs - Interactive Martial Arts, Kapow TV and Action Star has brought a unique combination of action, entertainment and education to martial arts fans and the general public. This has all been part of building the profile of martial arts in Australia. We have covered such premier events as: National All Styles Tournament (NAS), Australian Martial Arts Championships (AMAC) and the Arnold Sports Festival (Arnie Classic) to mention a few.

TV Channels


The world of martial arts has changed and you will find more virtual classes available from the amateur instructor to the most professional. If can be a minefield trying to find the right instructor for you that teaches the right skills and keeps you safe because he is qualified. We can help you find a whole new world of professional instructors in a new library we are building. Instructors wanting to share their knowledge to the world at large can do it easier through our production team.

Master Classes


You don't need to operate your club alone!


Getting Your Business Set Up or Taking It To The Next Level doesn't have to be hard with a little help from an expert who has done this all before. You can hire our Business Mentors who have different specialities such as:
# Steve Miller - Bookkeeping 
# Glenn Coxon - Club Operations
# Peter Mylonas - Club Operations
# Paul Mracek - Communications/Operations
# Graham Slater - Insurance/Marketing 
# Tara Flanning - Accountancy
Our team can work on an hourly rate or deliver set tasks and most of them will give the
15-30 minutes consultation for free.

Australia Martial Arts Coaching System

For Instructors really wanting to obtain their own industry standard operational skills and or get their assistant instructors up to speed. You don't have to pay $1000s to obtain the skills / qualifications to give you school more credibility and operational know how, courses start from as little as
$295.00 For Level 1



This powerful business package comes free with MAA membership which includes things such as:
# waiver forms,
# incident reporting sheets,
# health screen forms,
# risk management polices,
# operational and marketing manuals
# promo video library,
# print/post ready advertising graphics
and lots more.
We are constantly adding new resources to our packages to help you continue to secure and grow your martial arts school business.



Every industry has accredited professionals who have obtained a set industry standard and martial arts is no different. In our case it is for the consumer confidence, as the belief is accredited instructors will be safer to train with, because they have met a set criteria and industry standard of qualifications.



But it doesn't have to be with our Diligence Bookkeeping Team.
They work anywhere around Australia with the wonders of technology and based in Victoria. 
Getting your books in order before you start your business makes life easier going forward allowing you to keep on track with your ATO obligations and know what your cash flow / profit / loss is running at any given time. For those already running a school may want to look at bring things up to date and running things more efficiently and cost effectively so you can control your business better.
FREE 15- 30 minutes Consultation



Many instructors who leave their teachers find it hard to progress in rank. As they run a school their students catch up in grade so the chief instructor has to keep advancing as well. The trouble is there are not many credible methods for these instructors to get recognised so we created a fair, practical, credible and cost affective way to be evaluated.




You don't have to be an expert in every part of your business, that's what specialist services are for. You are the expert in martial arts, you want someone who knows your business, can not only do your ATO Returns quickly / efficently but captured all the tax deductions you are entitled to.
Having a professional that can guide you through business processes and record keeping that keeps you ATO compliant and informed of how your school is running, so you can achieve your goals without worry!
FREE 15- 30 minutes Consultation





Instructors can gain a Senior and or Master Instructor Status through our credible accessment process. Our Panel will take into account years of experience, current rank, references, academic qualifications and a video presentation if required.

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