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Martial Arts Australia
is the Peak Industry Body that supports all martial arts instructors / school owners offering group deals on insurance, direct debit, coaching courses and other associated business tools. We have been serving the industry since 1993 providing support to over 3000 school owners from all styles. Founded by Graham Slater the association started out as the Karate Alliance (IKA), then evolved into the Martial Arts Alliance (IMA) to embrace all styles / schools and in 2001 Martial Arts Australia was born to better serve Australians.

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Best Deals on Club Insurance

Public Liability Insurance is essential for Martial Arts Club Owners to protect both their students and themselves. There are many options and grey areas of cover make sure an expert broker can navigate you through the minefields. Get a Quote Today!

Membership Has It's Benefits

MAA Membership gives you access to an extensive range of business resources for School Owners. Our Instructor Accreditation is one of the most respected in the industry and gives consumer confidence. Join us today and take your club to the next level!

End To End Business Solutions

Business Owners need to integrate their Billing, Websites, Lead Generation and Social Media to make their lives much easier. For this you need the right software that automates your business giving you greater freedom. Learn more about Club Manager Software.

Martial Arts Australia (MAA) is accepted as the most progressive and innovative provider of martial art services. They also distribute vital industry news to martial art instructors and school owners via email, the magazine, social media, print mail, their websites, public meetings / seminars and most recently in their TV programs. 

We take being a Martial Arts Peak Industry Body very seriously, this is our Mission!
*Supply Business Tools
(risk managment - marketing)
*Instructor Training Courses
(Skills for better coaching and running clubs)
*Instructor Certification/Accreditation
(Industry and consumer recognition)
*Club/Instructor/Student Insurance
(Public - Products Liability)
*Contents/Property Insurance
(Business Packs)
*Player Accident Insurance
(Extra student peace of mind cover)
*Travel Insurance
(Training & Competing inclusion)
*Student Fee Collection
(Discounted Billing Company)
*Club Management Software
(Multiple integrations and automations to your business)
*Mobile APPs for Clubs
(Get found eaiser and engage your students for better retention)
*Websites for Clubs
(From Free Mini sites - Discounted Powerhouse sites)
*Video Production 
(Create the perfect marketing videos and passive income earners)
*Kapow TV
Events / interviews (Action, Enducation and Entertainment)

Our network is an alliance, an industry media provider, a product negotiator, a group of companies, a group of school owners and a ‘library’ of talent and knowledge with an expert panel of masters, consultants and staff. It has taken us many years to reach a stage that we are happy to say we can help instructors / club owners in almost every possible aspect of running their schools.

As a Peak Industry Body we are well placed to serve and grow the martial arts industry on many levels:
* Industry requirements are facilitated through active consultation
* Extensive group services and products are made available to members
* Direction of educational programs most appropriate for instructors
* Provides a united voice for the industry in all regions
* Maintain a position of trust and respect to give confidence for the industry
* Create and implement nationally recognised training and make it available to everyone
* Available to lobby and work with local and national levels of government
* Liaise with the corporate sector to obtain group deals and sponsorship for athletes / schools
* Promote the industry’s profile through media including TV to expand its popularity
* Represent a large portion of the industry with our membership and network base
* Hold regular open industry-wide meetings is vital to break down political barriers

MAA known as enablers
Instructors / club owners have trusted MAA over the past 25 years to enable them to build their business by providing multiple services. We provide a number of free / subsidised services for members and its by you using them that we can continue providing them. By doing so you can be guaranteed to save money on tools to grow your business and be able to tap into wealth of industry knowledge.



We keep the public informed about the benefits of martial arts training and what operational codes of practice each clubs should be using. We also act as a united voice to government to consult on behalf of the industry in a more comprehensive manner.

For thousands of Instructors / Associations / Promoters, Martial Arts Australia is recognised as the ultimate ‘One Stop Shop’ GROUP BUYING FACILITY for their business needs. We make things easier by providing instructors with everything they need to open / operate a martial arts school (industry accreditation, legal compliance, qualification standards, appropriate club insurance the list goes on).

Instructors are intitally drawn to MAA for it's professional membership that includes an instructor accreditation / certification that is industry recognised and accepted as most creditable. Consumers seek MAA Clubs to train at because they know each instructor has been screened and meets an industry qualification standard. We make it easier for consumers to find a professional, safe school to train at through our Club Directory.

 How does membership with the IMA / MAA benefit the individual martial arts instructor / martial arts school owner?

Firstly they get registered as a Certified Martial Art Instructor (internationally) and this gives them a lot of extra credibility. Secondly we provide regular opportunities to up-skill instructor qualifications and offer industry workshops. Successful registration means that you have been assessed as a professional martial arts instructor/ school operator. Members therefore will have the appropriate skills and knowledge to operate a martial arts club in a professional manner using the correct industry policies and procedures. This is particularly appealing to potential students because they feel they are in safe hands so they are more likely to choose an International Martial Arts Alliance Member School.

03 8601 1124

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