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You are going see a lot of our members / clients that are clearly happy with our products and service. They have kindly taken the time to share their personal experiences to encourage you to join us as well.

We didn’t want to go overboard and load hundreds of testimonials because you get the idea with these. These are the results from a recent questionnaire we sent out to understand what our members really need. We also wanted to know how we could improve our services. Some are answer to questions and others are straight endorsements.

We were quite taken back by the positive responses we had and more are still coming in. I must say it’s not all beer and skittles though, we did also get what I would call, constructive criticism. On the form they ticked that they didn’t want their comments public. It was clear they still wanted our service and were honest / passionate enough to tell us what they really thought we should do to improve our service.

What this has told us is not to sit on our past achievements but to always keep striving to improve and expand our services. We know in peak times with limited resources / staff our service level does drop. Immediately we know two areas we need to spend more money on, IT and communication tools of course. We have taken it all on board as always and will use your comments / direction to continuously make improvements.

 John GillHapkido / Taekwondo – Self Defence
I first met Graham some 15+ years ago when he helped me with the promotion of the Bill Wallace Seminar Tour. His wealth of knowledge across multiple styles and broad business skills has uniquely positioned him as the best person to drive Martial Arts Australia. Over this time I have worked with Graham on a number of projects and found him to be honest, ethical and totally committed to helping the industry grow.


Doug TurnbullInternational Federation Karate Kyokushinkai Australia
Initially for selected MAA for cheaper insurance for our martial arts organisation. We don’t have to look around for competitive pricing as we know we are getting that from MAA. We have maintained membership due to services offered. The organisation is comfortable knowing we have a good insurance cover at a competitive price.

When it comes to insurance Graham certainly knows what needs to be covered and how to guide instructors through the claims process. Being in financial services myself, I know when you find someone as knowledgeable, ethical as Graham always putting his clients first, I feel compelled to tell others. MAA is not all about the dollars it puts lots of money back into the industry via promoting martial arts, sponsoring clubs/events and subsidising services / products.

Reinhardt BadatoFullforce Gym
I’ve been using MAA for many years now, over 8yrs. The No1 reason why I keep coming to them is because I know that I’m not just a customer, they’ve showed us many times that they care about their clients & always go out of their way to extend their service to help promote our club & also the Martial Arts industry. They are affordable, which helped me a lot to focus on other things to build up our gym. They have all the tools & can connect you to the right people to help you build your club, weather its Business mentoring or online advertising and many more ways to help. All you have to do is ask.


Paul Mracek – Kotan Australia / Taekwonjitsu
In all this time and multiple contacts with Graham I have found him to be a person who is genuinely interested in supporting our school, the instructors and also the industry. He has a wealth of knowledge and understanding in Martial Arts which he provides willingly both in theory and in practice. The depth of knowledge he has across multiple styles as well as his ability to be able to coach / teach this is from my experience something that is unique.

John De Berardinis – Kyo – Ryoku – Jutsu
I have found that MAA has offered me the best rates when insuring my Karate club. By far the best that I have come across. The help and service that my Karate club and I have received from MAA has always been exceptional and very helpful. I believe that what MAA has in store for the future of Martial Arts in Australia will be of great benefit to all, especially to the small clubs like myself.

Graeme Dunning – Fundoshin Budo Ryu
Not only did we save money, we received a more complete insurance package. Then it just gets better! With all the added benefits of membership like management software, business advice, web site design ETC, it really was an easy choice in the end. It’s refreshing to find a group of people who love martial arts as much as we do, are highly professional and yet are always approachable. All responses to my enquiries come well within the expected timeline. Also we now have the backing of an industry leading group with government recognition. We look forward to a long, mutually beneficial, partnership with the MAA for many years to come.

Linc Hibbs – Tai Shi Kai
From arranging the best value insurance for clubs, instructors and students, to arranging seminars (with local, national and international instructors), training courses, internationally recognised Dan gradings, business and financial support and the list goes on. Every martial arts school regardless of style or political association have the best current and ongoing support through joining and enjoying the vast range of products and information available through the MAA.

John Donehue – Extreme Jiu Jutsu
“I have chosen MAA for quite a few years as they have been the most competitive and helpful regarding Martial Arts Insurance. Graham has made the process simple and manageable and the support given is always in a timely and professional manner. They are also very supportive if you need assistance with everything from websites and graphic design to direct debit and school management software to help your business grow and be successful.”

Peter de Been – 100% Jiu Jutsu BJJ
We have been using the services of Martial Arts Australia for around ten years. During this period Graham has helped us with many of the great products offered by Martial Arts Australia. We believe we have the best insurance advice and cover at the best price in the market. Martial Arts Australia work tirelessly to help promote clubs and the martial arts industry in general. They offer subsidised business services including access to industry leaders, support to martial art school owners and business mentoring.

John Will BJJ Australia
I don’t like paying for insurance – but it’s just one of those things I have to do. This is the deal I use myself (Martial Arts Australia Special Group Deal), and generally I save between $400 and $800 on the nearest other deal I can find. If you have been watching the news of late you will no doubt have heard how so many people in Flood and Cyclone ravaged Queensland are suffering needlessly because of lack of insurance. It’s just not worth the risk. My advice is not to train without this cover in place – peace of mind.

Doug Tritton – Brisbane Martial Arts Academy
With MAA I secure the best deal on Insurance and receive business assistance and tips in running my business. It’s important to be a member of the Peak Martial Arts organisation.It’s great deals on Insurance and friendly professional advice on Martial Arts business matters.

Malcolm Pearce – Freestyle Taekwondo
I chose Martial Arts Australia as my preferred martial art association & insurance supplier, as they provide the most affordable, comprehensive & realistic insurance for instructors & their students. Martial Arts Australia also offer more services and assistance to Instructors to help them launch &/or keep operating & building their clubs, than other Martial Art associations.

Shihan Martin Day 7th Dan www.combat-karate.com.au
have known Graham now for about 7 years and during this time and with every communication that I have had with him have found him to always be “switched on’, professional, polite, efficient and passionate about the martial arts and extremely knowledgeable on how to assist all martial arts instructors running their own organisations. It’s not only a question of obtaining detailed insurance cover at a great price.

No, it’s more than that; it’s about us having the peace of mind knowing that we are not only legally protected by insurance for instructor and students. It’s about having a point of contact for advice on all aspects of our administration. marketing and training needs along with having a united voice to government.

I’m sure like me you like bouncing ideas about taking your students and your organisation onwards and upwards. Again, this is where Graham comes in with his many products, subsidised business services and of course his, and his partner Richard Norton’s “Kapow TV’.

I urge all of you reading this to choose Graham Slater as not only the number one in affordable, realistic and comprehensive insurance cover for you and your students, but to take advantage of the experience and knowledge he has to help your organisation grow and to take you and your students into the future. Wishing you all the best in martial arts.


Grant Bannister – Bukido Karate www.bukidokarate.com.au
have been a member of Martial Arts Australia for many years and seen the association grow in services that certainly have helped my school and I’m sure for many others around the globe. Graham Slater – Director is always making himself available to talk technique or business and is perfectly placed for the job with such a diverse skill set. You will see Graham in front and behind a camera promoting all styles as well as presenting at sports coaching / business / martial arts workshops and you may even see him still competing in a tournament.

We all need to have support from a peak industry body and I chose Martial Arts Australia because they do a great job. you can’t compare them.

Brandt Cogil – Fitzroy
Martial Arts Insurance specific to what we do delivered in a timely professional fashion to my expectations. Good – service / product range / prices.

Darren Hastings – Self Defence & Personal Training
MAA has affordable insurance coverage, they offer support and Networking with other Martial Artist in Australia

Peter Elves – Killigerry Karate –
Martial Arts MAA helped me gain the required specialised insurance to open a club I selected MMA insurance above several other companies price and services were the sway to go with MMA. They did all the searches for the required documentation, eliminating the hassle for me.

Michael Reid – Old Bull Gym
Martial Arts Australia gave me peace of mind for Insurance. They offer Club and instructor accreditation for me and the gym.


Robert Z – Shaolin Kung Fu – 5 Animal Kung Fu
Insurance for me in a timely professional fashion to my expectations.

Graeme Young – Cane Masters
I joined the Professional Association because to make many contacts. They have good Web Site products and very helpful with things like Martial Arts Insurance.

Graeme Werhhard – Jidban Taekwondo
Making insurance easy and affordable for my small class. MAA answered all of my questions easily and promptly, nothing was too much of a hassle even though everyone is exceptionally busy.

David Dempsey – Aikido SA
I joined to shared knowledge to help build a strong, safe group and to improve the reputation of Marital Arts in the wider community. They have a simple and effective insurance at reasonable rates for small clubs which are affiliated. Impressed on us is the need to think about more than just technical instruction (i.e. legal, corporate structure, policies, child protection etc). I intend to do much more with the Martial Art TV channels etc and internet marketing soon.



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