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About - Martial Arts Australia / Martial Arts Alliance

Martial Arts Australia s still a work in progress even after 27 years of operation because we keep adding more services to help the industry, so please read more about what we do. READ OUR TESTIMONIALS - WHAT PEOPLE SAY

BRIEF HISTORY: Martial Arts Australia (MAA) came about from the creation of International Martial Arts Alliance (IMA) the original concept going back to the mid-1980’s by Founder and current Chairman Graham Slater (7th dan black belt). Graham visited numerous martial arts schools around the globe to train / teach and build relationships and from this, the idea of helping club owners was born. He exchanged ideas and training methods with various instructors in what was deemed a ‘circle of knowledge’ learning environment, which became very popular for instructors. 

In Australia, he developed a large following of local martial arts instructors who got together every month to train and share their expertise with some coming from interstate. In 1993, this ‘alliance of instructors’ had grown substantially and was formalized as the ‘International Karate Alliance.’ The concept was clear, a non-political space where martial arts devotees would share knowledge so all levels could gain new skills, validate old ones and come away with something of value. This was widely embraced by instructors and in 1993 the association launched simultaneously into England and Japan. The ‘alliance’ quickly spread to fifteen countries (with Regional Direcotrs) and continued to grow. Many instructors break away from their head teacher or they pass way leaving them without a means to further advance their grade / title or skills in general. Instructors for obvious reasons are reluctant to grade themselves but feel pressured because of students coming up behind them. For this reason the IMA developed a credible way to be graded by a unique master’s panel in a most credible way. This method of evaluating instructors has now become one of the bench marks for the industry being one of the most respected.


Today, the group mainly focuses on helping Australian instructors / school owners and by focusing on providing an extensive range of discounted / subsidised services. Initially, school owners are attracted to Martial Arts Alliance by the opportunity to gain more credibility, instructor certification and business support but soon find out there are a lot more benefits. Many are seeking the best deal for martial arts equipment, printing, websites, courses and direct debit fee collection to mention a few of our services. MAA’s group buying facility is the best in the world for cheapest prices, range of products and service. It is constantly negotiating more deals with preferred provider companies so that all business needs for martial arts school owners can be catered for. To further promote the industry and all martial arts styles Martial Arts Australia created their own Martial Arts TV Show, in 2006. They selected TV because it is still the best marketing tool to showcase more martial arts instructors which in turn helps promote the sport to the general public. Our philosophy being the more popular we make the sport the more students will pack dojos around the globe. Since 2006 MAA has created a number of TV brands including ‘Interactive Martial Arts’, ‘iMartial Arts TV’, ‘Martial Arts TV’ and their current series ‘Kapow TV’ which includes: how to videos, fight shows, tournaments and other tv shows.

Martial Arts Australia focuses on local schools and the International Martial Arts Alliance looks after all other regions both priding themselves on forming strong relationships with relevant companies, associations and individuals for the exclusive benefit of its members. These arrangements put MAA / IMA Members at the forefront of the Martial Arts Industry with their ‘One Stop Shop’ offering the best discounts and services for instructors. We are constantly tracking down the best services and products in the industry so martial arts school owners can gain the benefits. Our service saves instructors valuable time when looking for their essential business services because we keep them are all under the one roof at a group discounted rate. There are some services that we provide directly as we have the expertise and resources to deliver them but there is a point where we could spread ourselves too thin. For this reason we engage the services of third party (companies) experts to facilitate the best outcomes for members. As a peak industry body for martial arts our focus is to help grow and protect the industry and we do it on many levels. With its shear mass Martial Arts Australia is able to negotiate on behalf of individual instructors to get the very best deals for a multitude of products and services. The power of numbers really works and the more people use the services the better the rates become, giving every school owner the benefits

For those wanting to compare us with other associations and trying to fit us into a box, forget it, you can’t, there is no other group in the world that does what we do.
The International Martial Art Alliance (IMA) is funded by subscriptions and sponsorship from its commercial arm, Martial Arts Australia (MAA). Together, they form the most progressive provider of martial art services. They also distribute vital industry news to martial art instructors and school owners via email, social media, print mail, their websites, public meetings / seminars and most recently in their TV programs. Our network is an alliance an industry media provider, an industry negotiator, a group of companies, a group of school owners and a ‘library’ of talent and knowledge with an expert panel of masters, consultants and staff.
This range of functions and services makes the IMA / MAA well placed to serve and grow the martial arts industry on many levels see below, join us!
  • Industry requirements are facilitated through active consultation
  • Extensive group services and products are made available to members
  • Direction of educational programs most appropriate for instructors
  • Provides a united voice for the industry in all regions
  • Maintain a position of trust and respect to give confidence for the industry
  • Create and implement nationally recognised training and make it available to everyone
  • Available to lobby and work with local and national levels of government
  • Liaise with the corporate sector to obtain group deals and sponsorship for athletes / schools
  • Promote the industry’s profile through media including TV to expand its popularity
  • Represent a large portion of the industry with our membership and network base
  • Hold regular open industry-wide meetings is vital to break down political barriers

If you value what we do we invite you to make application to the International Martial Arts Alliance and feel the difference that industry support can have on your martial arts school. We also thank you in anticipation for your contribution both in energy and financial support.

Martial Arts Australia and the International Martial Arts Alliance are committed to ‘Bringing Martial Artists Together’ and helping them expand their knowledge, acquire higher professional qualifications and therefore assisting in the growth of martial arts schools. Instructors are encouraged to share their expertise and participate in processes to help maintain the industry in a self- regulatory fashion rather than let it fall into government regulation. We provide support and offer a method of facilitation to create a united industry voice that can negotiate with government and corporations. We have accumulated multiple services we feel are appropriate to help instructors operate their schools safely, securely and profitably. By working to maintain a positive image for martial arts to the public, the corporate sector and government we will all contribute to helping grow the industry. Irrespective of your rank, title or years of experience, if you are an instructor with an open mind, have integrity, honesty and adhere to true martial values, we invite you to make application to Martial Arts Australia. Experience the difference that industry support can have on your martial arts school / business and your personal development.

Training History in Brief – Graham Slater the Martial Arts Australia Founder started his martial arts training in England 47 years ago in 1973 after being inspired by Bruce Lee movies. There was also a vital need to defend himself from the ever increasing violence by gang warfare on the streets of Liverpool, England. Originally he started by learning from books and soon tracked down a local Goju Karate school to train at. The environment gave Graham the motivation to train and the skills to build a strong foundation to continue his training in Australia.

In 1975 his family immigrating to Australia where he immediately found a local martial arts schools and commenced training in Kyokushinkai Karate, Ken Shin Kan and Kickboxing until 1979. He then started training in Shotokan / Shotokai (Harada sensei’s style ) until 1982 when he change to mainstream Japanese Shotokai Karate directly under Sensei Yasuo Ikeda and other notable masters. After his master passed away Graham expanded his training into Aikido, Ju Jutsu, Shintaido, Tai Chi and Shaolin Kung Fu. He has many notable achievements and milestones on his martial arts journey and feels very fortunate and lucky to acquire so many experiences and rewards. In 2005 Graham found what he feels was the ultimate Master / Mentor Sensei Stan Schmidt and commenced private lessons with him. This relationship gave Graham a new appreciation for JKA karate and training wholisitcally with multiple elements (College of the Open Hand). In 2014 Graham was awarded 7th Dan Karate by Sensei Stan Schmidt (and an international panel), inducted into the Australian Martial Arts Hall of Fame (AMAHOF), the World Karate Union Hall of Fame USA and the Alan Goldberg’s USA Hall of Honors for his contributions to the industry in both a local and international capacity.


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