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The Martial Arts Australia Team

Chairman Founder - International Martial Arts Alliance - Director Martial Arts Australia - Graham Slater

Graham started his martial arts training in England in 1973 motivated Bruce Lee movies and the need to defend against the ever increasing violence by gang warfare on the streets of Liverpool. He started by learning from books and soon tracked down a Goju Karate school to train at.

After immigrating to Australia in 1975 he commenced training in Kyokushinkai Karate, Ken Shin Kan and Kickboxing until 1979. He then started training in Shotokan / Shotokai (Harada sensei’s style) until 1982 when he changed to mainstream Japanese Shotokai Karate directly under Sensei Yasuo Ikeda (Japan) and other notable masters.

Graham is currently graded 7th Dan in Karate under the legendary Sensei Stan Schmidt and has been inducted into the Australia Martial Arts Hall of Fame (AMAHOF) and the Alan Goldberg's USA Hall of Honors.



Administration Team:

IMA President - Mr Naoharu Ishibashi - Japan - Tokyo (Honorary position)

Paul Mracek - Business Mentor - AMACS Director - Technical Adviser

Glenn Coxon - Club Manager Software

Laura Abrahams - Admin Manager / Lead Graphic Designer

Dylan Hilton - IT Systems Supervisor / Lead Website Designer

Morgan Bomm - Media & Graphic Design / Website Development

Steve Miller - Accounts / Bookkeeping - Business Development

Alan D'odrea - Investment Bank Institute - Financial Services Training

David Lurie - Marketing and IT

Jackson Raine - Video Production

Danny & Theresa Zaino - TV / Radio / Magazine Partners (USA)

Richard Norton - Kapow TV

Hakie Atar - Team APP - Mobile Devices


Regional Directors & Technical Advisers

John Gill - NSW (Hapkido & Taekwondo

Jamie Moore - QLD (Authentic Takwondo)

Mal Macrae - VIC (Ki Fusion Aikido)

Terry Lim - VIC (Loong Fu Pai)

Anthony Kelly - NSW (Kung Fu)

Grant Bannister - VIC (Bukido Kai Karate)

Dr Nigel Farrier - WA

Kazunobu Maekawa - Japan (Shotokai Karate based in Tokyo) 

M.H.M. Hussain - Sri Lanka (Sheishikan Karate)

Sanjay Prasad Bihar India (Shuri te Karate)

Kazunhiko Shirai - Japan (Shintaido Karate & Bojitsu)

Sergei Bogolepov Novosibirsk, Russia (Shotokan Karate)

Jens Fricke - Germany (Shotokan Karate)






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