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If you are an Association, Multi School Owner, Promoter or an Entrepreneurial Business that wants to grow their customer base / revenue,
We Should Talk!

MAA Group creates benefits for all parties, you, your customers and us because that’s the way it should be.

Partnering with the MAA has meant many things to many businesses over the past three decades. We have changed our direction and focus adapting to the needs of the industry in the desire to serve it better. When you have an industry that has so many moving parts, business models and personalities you need a high level of expertise and commitment to provide what it needs. That’s why there is no other Association / Business Network like Martial Arts Australia, that knows how and has the capacity to serve it like we do.

For those before us and others in the future, this part of martial arts is a very hard Gig, it takes lots of resources and time to get it operational and make it productive. It took us nearly ten years to assemble the right people and understand what was needed to keep things advancing.

For those that have just been watching us, or are current / past members will know, that our team have pretty much done everything. This allows us to provide everything for martial arts business not just for Australian’s, but for several other countries, through the International Martial Arts Alliance.


It’s all about you! # Associations can add more value to their membership by being able to offer some of the same services we do, but white labelled. # Promoters can reach more people to tell them about their seminars, tournaments, fight shows and expos. # Multi School Owners can get greater access to more discounted group deals on business services such as: insurance, software, billing, instructor training courses and accreditations, websites, video production and marketing tools. # Commercial Business that provide services to the industry such as: financial services, health food products, sporting equipment, IT / Digital services, Marketing, Advertising and Business Coaching to name a few, can discuss a number of ways to work together.


We operate without politics or hidden agendas that would prevent us from working with anyone. That said, we only work with Companies / Individuals that operate with the highest integrity, ethics and have the appropriate expertise. Their product / service needs to be tested / reviewed to be either a market leader or the potential to be one. They also need to have a long term philosophy for business and the appropriate securities to protect our customers.


Well its obvious we get something out of this as well, because no successful businesses just give everything away. We are about volume, we prefer to have thousands of customers working on very small margins which allows us to negotiate the best deals on your behalf. Our philosophy comes from our passion to help as many businesses as possible with the best products, prices and services. The more customers / members we have, the more people are telling others, how good we are. How do we get started? # Let’s chat and get to know a bit about your goals, to see if we are the right fit for your vision. # We can then road test your products and see if they would be appropriate for us to refer / sell. # Fill out our scoping form which will help us assess the opportunity to much quicker Please note that we only look at certain projects at certain times of the year and allocate a small percentage of our revenue to speculate / invest in products.

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