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MAA Business Centre/Production Centre

So what's all the hype about? We are doing something that no other martial arts association has ever done before, we have created a Business Centre that School Owners can meet up, learn new skills, network and share their knowledge. we are trying to promote the inDustry so more people will want to participate. The more people participate the more people end up in your DOJO!

brand new facility *seminar venue- special workshops *tv film & photographic studio- various sets *boardroom -meetings

We think there is so much to show you at Kapow TV Studio we created a whole website to take you on a epic tour of what they can do. 


  • Technical aspects of martial arts
  • Sports coaching courses
  • Business management courses
  • Make Club Promotional Videos
  • Attend industry meetings and network with other Instructors

SPECIALITY WORKSHOPS Graphic design posters/flyers/web banners, business finance, marketing, student coaching, instructor accreditation, bookkeeping, accountancy, marketing, risk management, staff training, website / Mobile APP creation, instructional / promotional videos and sell it around the globe!



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