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Welcome to our goverment enquiry into the re-opening of Martial Arts clubs!

What we are doing: As the peak body in martial arts in Australia we wanted to represent every single Martial Artsist in Australia, thats why we have recently launched enquiries to select government departments involving the opening of martial arts clubs and the impact it has them being closed.

Where we are at: We have recentley sent personal emails to selected goverment officals, involving our requests, where we can go from here, how to be safe with covid and why martial arts is neede. We have recieved a mixture of responses and some havent responded at all (See below for each response)

AUS Prime Minister - Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison
AUS Prime Minister



Dept. Job Precincts Region



Jenny Tiernan
NT Chief Minister Correspondance



Grace Grace
QLD Minister Education



Kareena Arthy - Treasury
Chief Minister Economic Dev.



Jenny Mikakos
VIC Former Minister Health



John Gardener
NT Minister Education



Shannon Fentiman
Small Business Minister


Yvette Berry
Sports Minister ACT



Martin Pakula
Minister Industry Sports


Kate Worden Education Minister NT

Kate Worden
Education Minister NT



Rachel Stehpen Smith
ACT Health Minister





Brad Hazzard
Minister Education NSW



Mick Murray
WA Sports Minister



Annastacia Palaszczuk
QLD Premier



Cr Nicole Seymour Knox City Mayor 0427 245 834 nicole.seymour@knox.vic.gov.au

Sarah MITCHELL VIC Education Minister (02) 8574 5950 (02) 8574 5950 office@mitchell.minister.nsw.gov.au

Gladys Berejiklian NSW Premier (02) 9439 4199 willoughby@parliament.nsw.gov.au


Whats next? We are personally calling each government offical that we emailed to follow up and request a 1 on 1 consulation with our director - Graham Slater. This will ensure they take our matter seriously and dont not sweep it under the rug or handball off to another department. The importance of martial arts in communities must be addressed.

What about after that? If none of the above result in a positive movement towards martial arts being considering in lock down laws, we will start a petintion to have the matter heard in parliment (required 100,000 signitures) thats where you come in. We need you, every single martial artist to help get our requirements heard. We have been blanketed in with GYMS and will continue pushing until martial arts is assessed as its own. One the greatest positive influences to mental illenses, prevention of bullying, self confidence and self defence martial arts clubs need to be open and need to be heard. Stay tuned in your emails for Martial Arts Australia for if the petition gets started we will need all of your help!

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